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My Two Dads Season 1-3

My Two Dads Season 1-3

When Marcy Bradford dies, she leaves her teen-age daughter Nicole in the custody of a father she has never met; or rather, two fathers - Michael, a straight and formal man; and Joey, a wild artist. Both were Marcy's former boyfriends, and together, they provide a unique balance of parenting skills for young Nicole.


My Two Dads Season 1-3


<a href="">S01E01 Pilot.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E04 Nicole's First Date.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E05 Friends and Lovers.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E06 Who's Night Is It, Anyway.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E07 Once a Son.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E08 Sex,Judge, RocknRoll.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E09 The Artful Dodger.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E10 Quality Time.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E11 Tis the Season.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E12 The Only .avi</a>
<a href="">S01E13 Joey's Mother-Inlaw.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E14 Nicole In Charge.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E15 The Wedge.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E16 Advice and Consent.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E17 She'll Get Over It.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E18 Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E19 Nicoles Big Adventure.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E20 My Fair Joey.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E21 The Family in Question.avi</a>
<a href="">S01E22 Friends of the Family.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E01 A Blast From The Past.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E02 Who's On First.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E03 Macho, Stupid Guy Time.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E04 The Man in the Pink Slip.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E05 Fallen Idol.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E06 Story With a Twist.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E07 Playing With Fire.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E08 Dirty Dancing.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E09 The God of Love.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E10 In Her Dreams.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E11 Together We Stand.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E12 Courtship of Nicole's Fathers.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E13 Crushed.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E14 Basket Case.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E15 You Love Me, Right.avi</a>
<a href="">S02E16 Getting Smart.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E01 That's No Lady, That's My Mother.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E02 Say Goodnight, Gracie.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E03 Love and Learn.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E04 You Can Count On Me.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E05 Joey Gets Pinned.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E06 Story In Development.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E07 Duel.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E09 Pop,the Question.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E10 Thanks for the Memories.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E11 Class.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E12 I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E13 Power Struggle.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E14 Bye Bye Baby.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E15 Environ-mental Case.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E16 Party, Sweet 16.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E17 It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E18 To Thine Own Elf Be True.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E19 You Only Surprise The Ones You Love.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E20 Kind of a Drag.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E21 When You Wish.avi</a>
<a href="">S03E22 See You in September.avi</a>

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