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Shiva Rea - Yogini (DVDRip)

Shiva Rea - Yogini (2010)
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Genre: Video Training / Yoga

A dynamic yoga practice designed specifically for women. Women are blessed with innate creative energy. This energy ?called shakti ?lies at the heart of life, yet it抯 easy to become disconcerted from it. Caught up in everyday activities, women can lose sight of their inner strength. In this rejuvenating yoga program, world-renowned instructor Shiva Rea offers five fluid practices to make you feel energized and powerful, vibrant and healthy.

The customizable Yoga Matrix caters to your time and energy level, allowing you to assemble the sequences any way you wish. Try a heart-centered practice, a flowing backbend segment, a series of empowering standing poses, and a healing mediation for relaxation. Tone your body and balance your mind as you revel in the gorgeous scenery and inspirational practice.

Set in Kauai, under a breathtaking waterfall, Yogini nourishes the beauty, grace, and vitality within you.

Night 1:
Healing Meditation for Women (7 minutes). Shiva's narration is fairly flowery during this meditation. I wouldn't think a man would enjoy this meditation much She starts sitting with legs folded under and moves to standing flow with an emphasis on self-massage.

Flow of Love: Backbending Vinyasa (27 minutes): This was a nice step up from Shiva's Beginners Flow DVD, but not as advanced as the Heart-Air flow on Daily Energy. Shiva does a good job of explaining various options for those that aren't as flexible as her. The flow has a very relaxing feel, although I did have some light muscle soreness after. Begins with some gentle seated movements, moving into cat/cow, and continuing into some more advanced poses as the flow progresses including several lunge variations, standing half splits, and gate pose. Backbending is done from standing, several variations from a lunge, camel pose, bow pose, serpentine cobra, etc.

Shivasana (3 minutes)

Night 2:
Flow of Beauty : Fluid Backbending Vinyasa (16 minutes): The yoga in this flow is very fluid, reminding of the prana yoga on her Trance Dance DVD. It begins with flowing standing forward bends, standing side bend variations, and yoga squats. After about 5 minutes she moves to very fluid cat variations, and then into downward dog. There is a lunge variation, followed by serpentine cobra. After that there are fluid movements while lying on one side - a combination of rolling and "swimming with the infinite" similar to that on the Core Abs DVD where you move your arms and legs back and forward. She then closes with some free form leg/arm movements on the back.

Have not completed yet:
Flow of Empowerment: Standing Pose Vinyasa (22 minutes)

Bonus segments:
Upper Body Weights from Core Fusion. While I really do like this routine, it seems like a strange selection for this DVD!
Forward Bend from Daily Energy Flow

I see myself using this DVD over and over, and may even like it a little more than the Daily Energy DVD. The scenery is awesome, and, as usual, Shiva is an inspiring teacher.

Shiva Rea - Yogini (DVDRip)


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