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InDesign FX with Mike Rankin (2012)
InDesign | 69 Videos | Intermediate | Mov | 5h 34m | 1.44 GB

InDesign FX is a collection of self-contained effects projects designed to be completed in ten minutes or less. Taught by expert Mike Rankin, the series explores every aspect of InDesign's graphic effects capabilities through real-world examples, all without relying on Photoshop or Illustrator. The intent is to reveal the quick, practical, and sometimes surprising application of InDesign effects to creative projects.

New InDesign FX installments will be released every other week

author Mike Rankin
subject Design, Design Techniques
software InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5
level Intermediate
duration 5h 34m
updated Nov 15, 2012

InDesign FX with Mike Rankin (2012)

000 Welcome to InDesign FX 2m 42s
001 Blurring Objects with Drop Shadows 6m 26s
002 Creating Interlocking Objects 3m 46s
003 Exploring the Effects Panel 8m 43s
004 Creating Long Text Shadows with Type on a Path 4m 23s
005 Making Shiny Effects 4m 46s
006 Producing Slime 6m 22s
007 Exploring Bevel and Emboss Settings 5m 34s
008 Exploring Inner Glow Settings 2m 9s
009 Building Better Bevels 3m 16s
010 Punching Holes 4m 26s
011 Exploring Basic Feather Settings 2m 52s
012 Exploring Directional Feather Settings 5m 15s
013 Getting Effects into Print 8m 10s
014 Getting Effects into Ebooks 4m 32s
015 Simulating a Polaroid Effect 3m 15s
016 Creating Metallic Strokes 3m 18s
017 Exploring Inner Shadow Settings 3m 50s
018 Exploring Drop Shadow Settings 6m 15s
019 Simulating Multiple Strokes, Part 1 3m 59s
020 Simulating Multiple Strokes, Part 2 3m 29s
021 Creating Metallic Chrome Effects 3m 56s
022 Creating Glass and Plastic Effects 4m 49s
023 Exploring Satin Settings 6m 57s
024 Exploring Gradient Feather Settings 3m 51s
025 Simulating Carving and Chiseling 6m 42s
026 Understanding Transparency Blend Space 8m 2s
027 Drawing Extrusions, Part 1 5m 25s
028 Drawing Concentric Shapes 3m 17s
029 Creative Blend Mode tricks, Part 1 5m 29s
030 Creative Blend Mode tricks, Part 2 4m 6s
031 Drawing Star Bursts 6m 7s
032 Scaling effects 3m 0s
033 Learning Pathfinder Tips and Tricks 9m 10s
034 Learning Transform Again Tips and Tricks 6m 39s
035 Creating Cast Shadows, Part 1 5m 27s
036 Exploring Outer Glow Settings 6m 45s
037 Understanding Perspective Drawing 4m 38s
038 Drawing 3D Banners 3m 23s
039 Shearing to Create 3D Effects, Part 1 6m 41s
040 Shearing to Create 3D Effects, Part 2 6m 20s
041 Simulating a Ripped Background 1m 53s
042 Creating a Breakthrough Effect 2m 10s
043 Creating Spotlight Effects 2m 22s
044 Backlighting an Object 6m 8s
045 Simulating Stickers and Tape 4m 23s
046 Creating Burnt Edges 6m 26s
047 Creating Seamless Patterns 8m 39s
048 Using Scripts to Create New Shapes 6m 40s
049 Simulating Liquid 2m 48s
050 Creating Editable Knockout Text 5m 52s
051 Making Peeling Stickers 5m 42s
052 Tips for Text Stroke Effects 6m 44s
053 Creating 3D arrows 3m 37s
054 Creating personal buttons 4m 22s
055 Simulating leather with bevel and emboss 4m 17s
056 Creating the effect of a magnifying glass 4m 20s
057 Simulating a college notebook 6m 11s
058 Using multiple effects to create plastic type 3m 58s
059 Achieving a rough-hewn look 2m 28s
060 Creating speech bubbles 2m 41s
061 Creating buttons for interaction 4m 37s
062 Creating wraparound headings 5m 46s
063 Creating picture frames 3m 24s
064 Customizing stroke styles 5m 19s
065 Creating photo corners 3m 44s
066 Making new shadow effects 3m 19s
067 Making 3D type 3m 15s
068 Making a 3D object 5m 13s

InDesign FX with Mike Rankin (2012)

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