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Caroline Myss, James Finley - Transforming Trauma A Seven-Step Process for Spiritual Healing
Caroline Myss, James Finley - Transforming Trauma: A Seven-Step Process for Spiritual Healing
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A Mystical Approach to Healing Trauma

To heal trauma, we have to start with its origin: disconnection from spiritual experience. This is the breakthrough premise of Transforming Trauma, Caroline Myss and James Finley's first audio-learning course on how combining contemplative and clinical practices can dramatically enhance our ability to heal.

This landmark seven-CD program begins with Caroline Myss, as she describes trauma as a gateway to transformation that beckons each one of us to the next phase of human evolution. Next, James Finley teaches you a seven-step process for spiritual healing, including how to follow the lead of mystics across the ages in the practice of meditation. Caroline Myss concludes your seminar by revealing why trauma "shatters our survival instinct"-and how the path of the mystic can return us to wholeness.
Suffering is an inherent part of an authentic spiritual life-but so is the liberation we find by working through it. With Transforming Trauma, now you have the support of two modern luminaries as you yourself become a healing presence for our collective human family.

Program Highlights:
The Axial Moment: the critical turning point in the healing process
How to avoid the trap of spiritual escapism
The seven spiritual wounds of human experience and the steps to heal each one
Recognizing and sustaining your moments of spontaneous spiritual experience
Guided meditations inspired by history's great mystics
Seven CDs to help you devote yourself to the process of transforming trauma through prayer, contemplation, and compassionate love

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