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Automate Application Deployment and Orchestration Using Docker and Containers

Today, developers spend far too much time working with the specifics of each machine environment they will deploy their apps to. What's the solution? Join this session, and find out! By creating a common toolset, packaging model, and deployment mechanism, Docker greatly simplifies the containerization and distribution of applications that can then run anywhere on any Linux host. This ubiquitous technology not only simplifies management by offering the same management commands against any host, but it also creates a unique opportunity for seamless DevOps. Learn how Docker images can deploy identically across any environment in seconds, creating a massive and growing ecosystem of applications packaged in Docker containers. How does it do this? With DockerHub, the public containerized-application registry that Docker maintains, currently publishing more than 180,000 applications in the public community repository. Take a close look at Docker and containers in Azure, and find out how you can start using them today.

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Tags: Automate, Application, Deployment, Orchestration, Docker, Containers

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