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Build Tinder mobile app with Ionic and Angular

Build Tinder mobile app with Ionic and Angular

Course Focus:

Learn to create hybrid native apps using Ionic and AngularJS step by step. We will be building app from empty folder to a real app quickly.

[Important] - Notes updated for Fireabase 3
What are we going to build:

In this project I will walk you through how to recreate Tinder which is a location-based dating and social discovery application (using Facebook) that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat.
Once you have completed this project, you will have the foundational basics to develop any mobile app that requires real-time user interactions with ease.
Why Ionic for Hybrid App Development:

ionic is an open source HTML5 mobile framework for building cross platform hybrid native apps. This means it enables the fast and easy use of web-based technology (ie. HTML, CSS, javascript) to build highly interactive mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It also lets us access some of the phone's native functionality (like using the camera on their phone!)
What skills will we learn during this project?

How to setup an Ionic application.

How to easily work and create mobile app with basic controls.

How to quickly build a hybrid app that you can run on iOS or Android with real-time database.

How to analyse and build a NoSQL Database structure that suitable for a mobile app.

How to work with real-time database with Firebase 2 & 3.

How to work with Facebook Graph APIs to grab meta data.

How to use Local Storage to save small data.

How Ionic applies the Model View Controller Framework and how Angular applications work.

What features will we build in this project?

Create a Side menu for your app.

Authenticate user with Facebook.

Creating Facebook App.

Getting Profile details information from Facebook.

Personal settings page for Age, Gender.

Storing information on local storage.

Listing all Users for dating.

Siding card function to like.

Matching users.

Popup message system.

Show profile details of a User in a Modal popup.


While it is helpful to have an understanding of AngularJS and javascript, it is not necessary.

A burning desire to learn new things and build great app.[email protected]FB.part1.rar[email protected]FB.part2.rar[email protected]FB.part3.rar[email protected]FB.part4.rar[email protected]FB.part5.rar[email protected]FB.part6.rar[email protected]FB.part7.rar

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