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Learn load testing with JMETER

This course will show you how to create a load test plan with JMETER.

Learn about JMETER while working on a real-life load testing project.

The course is suitable for testers that do not have load testing and JMETER knowledge.

Build skills and knowledge with this practical course for testers that want to learn more about load testing.

JMETER is a free and open source load testing tool.

It it platform independent, has extensible architecture and great community support.

It can be used for testing web sites, web services, database servers and more.

Add load testing to your testing toolbox

Learning about load testing with JMETER allows the tester to become more technical and be able to do much more than manual testing.

Load testing jobs are always available on the job market and it is often difficult to fill them due to a lack of specialized testers.

Learning load testing with JMETER will expose you to technologies used in other testing types like test automation (regular expressions, XPATH, XML, HTTP requests).

Content and Overview

You will learn in this course about

JMETER basics
Load Testing basics
JMETER components
Web Proxies
Design the load test scripts
Implement the load test scripts in JMETER
Monitor the load testing environment
Execute the load test
Analyze results

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Tags: testing, JMETER

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