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3ds Max: Revit Integration

Discover how to efficiently take a model from Autodesk Revit into Autodesk 3ds Max. In this course, Adam Crespi goes beyond basic exporting and importing to show a streamlined workflow that optimizes Revit models for flexibility in rendering and design with 3ds Max. As part of this workflow, Adam covers optimizing a Revit model for export, breaking up large meshes, and best practices for export. In 3ds Max, he discusses importing a Revit model, applying smoothing groups, adjusting UV coordinates, integrating substances, fine-tuning materials, and creating test renderings.

Topics include:
Optimizing Revit files for exportBreaking up large meshesExporting the Revit modelImporting the Revit sceneAdding details to coarse meshesSelecting and replacing materialsAdjusting UV mappingChanging light typesAdjusting lighting and exposure

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Tags: Integration

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