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SketchUp: Rendering Using Twilight 2017

Twilight is a popular rendering plugin for SketchUp. This course explains how to work with Twilight to prepare and optimize 3D models, materials, lighting, and environments for photo-realistic rendering, post-processing, and animationâ"all within SketchUp. Scott Onstott helps you get started by showing how to clean up geometry and materials, adjust texture mapping, apply Twilight templates, and compose scenes. He then demonstrates how to progressively render with increased realism as you add environmental illumination, interior lighting, special effects, and post-processing tweaks that result in the creation of beautiful imagery.

Topics include:
Cleaning up geometry and materialsSimulating sunlight and shadowSpecifying environmental conditionsCustomizing materialsRendering interiorsCreating artificial light sourcesNarrowing focus with depth of fieldUsing the Twilight Deep Material EditorRendering animation framesCreating video from rendered frames

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Tags: SketchUp, Rendering, Twilight

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