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Iquim - Amit Goswami - Quantum Doctor

Iquim - Amit Goswami - Quantum Doctor

Series of Interviews with Dr Amit Goswami & Dr Paul Drouin that connects the field of Quantum Physics to Quantum Biofeedback. This courses with Dr Amit Goswami is FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION for all Quantum Practitioners.

Live Q&A with Dr Paul Drouin and Dr Amit Goswami
This courses also included the Live Q&A with Dr Amit Goswami, hosted by Dr Paul Drouin, that connects the field of Quantum Physics to Quantum Biofeedback.

Part 1: Consciousness Medicine, Quantum Medicine, the Quantum Doctor
Reality in Quantum Healing?
Diversity in Energetic Medicine?
Linear thinking in a Quantum model?
Quantum Physic a Believe System?
Qualities for the Quantum Doctor?
Responsibility of the Healer?
Artificial Intelligence and the SCIO?
Importance of the computer operator?
Diagnostic in Quantum Medicine?
Quantum Medicine is Multi Dimensional?
Consciousness in the observer effect?
Integral medicine and responsibility
Quantum leap in a creative insight?

Part 2: Intentions, Meanings, Tangled Hierarchy, and Responsibility
Choice and nonlocal consciousness?
Consciousness and intentions?
Movement of consciousness?
Beyond conditioning to access creativity?
Quantum probabilistic of events?
The effect of creativity?
The ability to see new meanings?
Disease and wrong meanings?
Tangled hierarchy, lower and higher level?
Morphogenetic fields?
Can computer process meaning?
Supra Mental and Intuition?
Hamer medicine and Quantum medicine?
Numbers of clients and prayer wheels?
Intention transferred to material body?
Stress reduction and relaxation?
Quality of Intentions?

Part 3: Charka Medicine, Morphogenetic fields, and the Evaluation
Creative intuitions in the mind?
Vital body is a blueprint?
Eight Main Chakras?
Chakras: physical and vital body collapse?
Immune system allows distinguishing?
Grief and the heart chakra?
Waves of possibilities?
New possibilities to solve a problem?
Discovery of new meanings?
Situational creativity; problem solving?
Dosha, pita, kapha, prakriti?
Respect the nature of the client?
Hierarchy Spirit first, Mind next and Body?
Morphogenetic fields explains regeneration?
Feeling will evaluate the morphogenetic fields?
Individuality in quantum medicine?
Alarm, adaptation and exhaustion?
Quantum biofeedback and perfect health?

Part 4: Homeopathy, Subtle Bodies Medicine, and Individualization
Nonlocality and the Vital Body?
Measurement of Vital energy?
Homeopathy is a vital energy medicine?
Less is more in Homeopathy?
Vital energy of the water/alcohol substance?
Quantum medicine and individualization?
Physical body and vital body?
How Hearing laws works?
Healing in term of ultimate balance?
Trivector is a Quantum measurement?
Higher dilutions and the supra mental body?
Pharmaceutics cannot reach the subtle bodies?
Quantum Biofeedback and knowledge?
Efficacy of homeopathic duplicated products?
New model of education for quantum doctor?
Evaluation in Quantum Medicine?
Quantum creativity in Quantum Medicine?

Part 5: Chinese Medicine, Vital Body, Acupuncture, and Meridians
Yang is correlated to the field?
The five elements system of Chinese medicine
Are Meridians intercalated?
Tao means balance?
Chinese herbs and the vital body?
Meridians and the vital body?
Nothing can be measure at the vital body?
Acupuncture points at the vital level?
Trivector measurement of the vital body?
Meridians and feelings and emotions?
Collapse of consciousness?
Meanings at mental level and supra mental?
Evaluation in quantum medicine?
Wrong Meaning is the root of the problem?
Participation o the client?
Healer, healee and healing?
Intention and feedback of subtle bodies?
Medical Astrology and Quantum Physics?
Marvelous vessels: re-harmonize the meridians?

Part 6: Mind Body Medicine, Ayurvedic, and Hamer Medicine
Fundamental creativity and Doshas?
Yin / Yang from Chinese medicine?
Ayurvedic Medicine?
Cleaning toxins from the body?
Body type?
Knowledge to live life?
Toxins and the blue print?
Communication and the Immune system?
A wrong meaning, feeling and the vital body?
Giving meaning to an emotion?
Wrong meaning or metallization create stress?
Hostility can create memory of tension?
Carbonic constitutions and body type?
Blueprint of the organ?
Quantum medicine and Hamer Medicine?
Hamer Medicine to understand conflict?
Allow a definitive healing?
Attachment to a wrong meaning?
Creation of a quantum leap?

Part 7: Conscious, Unconscious, and Manifesting Healing
Changing behavior and reconditioning?
Consciousness and causal efficacy?
Self-hypnosis and shift mental states?
Ego to free one of anxiety?
Quantum biofeedback and shifting consciousness?
Unconscious collapse into conscious?
Reducing stress and anxiety release?
Unconscious memory processing?
NLP and reprogramming new meaning?
Muscle memory and massage?
Chakra Visualization?
Balance intellectualism?
Detachment to the fruit of action?
Quantum leap and permanent healing?
How do we process meaning?
Importance of Know thyself?
Relaxation and quantum creativity?
Release imbalance in the vital body?
New circuits to manifest healing?
Quantum healing and quantum leaps?

Part 8: Choice, Collapse of Possibilities, and Quantum Leaps
Non-locality and Quantum healing?
Wave aspect and discontinuity?
Principle of the quantum collapse?
Ego and Freedom of choice?
Collapse the object and the subject?
Outcome of prayer intention?
Choice to collapse possibilities?
Process of Quantum creativity?
Responsibility from the healee?
Tangled hierarchy between healer and healee?
Faith of the healer in all possibilities?
Expectation of results in quantum healing?
Positive attitude and negativity?
The outcome of the process?
Quantum healing and growth process?
Out of the box and open minded?
Be grateful for quantum leaps?

Part 9: New Blueprints, Morphogenetic Fields, and Supra Mental
Sympathy attitude of the healer?
Avoid the negativity of the healee?
Balance the negativity of the healee
Strong positive emotional intelligence?
Quantum biofeedback for regeneration?
New morphogenetic fields from the supra mental?
Supra mental and to access the vital?
How to create a new morphogenetic field?
Supra mental step of preparation?
Insight to opening the chakras?
Creation of a new blueprint?
Manifestation of a new organs?
Mental and meanings?
Awake the supra mental?
Experience of Kundalini?
Next step in the human evolution?

Part 10: Optimum Health, Positive Health, and Quantum Activism
Quantum medicine: large sample and results?
Identify the source of the problem?
Good ways to apply Integrative Medicine?
Priorities mind body medicine?
Evaluation in Quantum Medicine?
Observation of all the five bodies?
The Quantum Doctor and bio-terrain?
Five pillars of health?
Optimum conditions for Health?
Morphogenetic fields for the organs?
Quantum Biofeedback; feelings and meanings?
Quantum medicine and prevention?
Energy, tai chi, yoga, pranayama?
Preventive effect on the vital body?
Bliss body, Positive health, joy and peace?
Quantum medicine through the supra mental?
Quantum Activism and its applications?
True Qualities of Consciousness?
Non-locality, discontinuity, tangled Hierarchy?
The daily life of Quantum Activist?
Opportunity of Quantum Healer License?
Right to heal with Consciousness?[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

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