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Meet T-Splines, the Rhino plugin for flexible surface modeling. Designed by Autodesk, built for designers like you, T-Splines allows you to model very complex organic shapes much more quickly than what's possible with Rhino alone. In this introductory course, Jean Gorospe provides a comprehensive overview of how T-Splines works. Jean covers the essential tools for working with meshes, creating and editing a model from scratching, converting models to NURBS, and refining your work in Rhino. Chapter 4 focuses on a sample project featuring a model airplane, but you can easily follow along with your own assets.

Topics include:

Setting up the T-Splines interface and options
Using T-Splines tools: Translate, Rotate, Scale, and more
Selecting points, edges, and faces
Creating primitives
Extruding in T-Splines
Inserting points and edges
Dividing, welding, slipping, and duplicating geometry
Converting finished meshes into NURBS surfaces

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Tags: Splines

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