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Disney's Magic English is a fun way for children to learn the English language along with their favorite Disney characters! The interactive DVD and activities books bring educational adventures to life with stories, songs and games! Disney Magic English makes learning fun and enjoyable - just like playing a game! Each part of the program has been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified specialists in the English Language education.[/center]

Ideal for children 2 years or more.
The program, by combining the high entertainment value that children expect from Disney with sound pedagogical approach to language teaching, provides an unparalleled learning experience with the help of the best known and beloved Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Woody, Lilo & Stitch and Monsters Inc and bonus features never seen before - including quizzes, new games, guess letters and many more! Magic Inglés is the perfect way to introduce children to the English language.
Your child will be entertained as they learn English through Disney's classic stories

Children love catchy tunes. And what better way for them to learn new words by singing to a catchy tune.

The most effective way for children to learn new things is through repetition. New words are repeated in many different ways associated with visuals and sounds so that your child will remember the words better.

Your child can test themselves through various fun activities to ensure that they understand the new words that they've learned.
Magic English, un aiuto per la scuola per tutti i bambini. In Showtime, scoprirai tante divertenti storie a cartoni animati.. in inglese. Vivrai fantastiche avventure con Aladdin, Bambi, Paperino, Mowgli e tutti i tuoi personaggi Disney preferiti.
- In Songs, potrai cantare anche tu in inglese con il karaoke e ripassare le parole che hai imparato a ritmo di musica!
- In Playtime, ti divertirai a esercitarti con giochi interattivi e diventerai un campione di Yes or no e Look & listen!
- In Word Play, potrai unirti a Woody, Buzz e ai buffi personaggi Disney Pizar per cantare l'alfabeto in inglese. Giocherai con le lettere e scoprirai la parola magica del DVD.
Pour la première fois en DVD, Walt Disney accompagne les plus petits dans leur apprentissage de l'anglais ! Magic English est pour les enfants une manière ludique d'apprendre l'anglais par l'intermédiaire de leurs personnages Disney favoris !
Mit der Disney Serie "Magic English" wird Lernen zum lustigen Abenteuer! Begleitet von ihren besten Disney Freunden können Kinder auf vergnügliche Weise ihre ersten Gehversuche im Englischen unternehmen. Geschichten, Lieder und magische Momente aus den klassischen Disney Filmen lassen auf dieser interaktiven DVD lehrreiche Episoden aus den Bereichen "Tierfreunde", "Wilde Tiere" und "Landleben" lebendig werden! Singen, sprechen und spielen mit Pongo und Perdita aus 101 Dalmatiner, mit Cinderalla, Pinocchio und vielen anderen beliebten Disney Figuren macht richtig Spass und prägt die englischen Wörter so aus spielerische Weise im Gedächtnis ein.
Magic English es un curso de inglés para niños interactivo, divertido y eficaz con la garantía y los personajes de Disney.
Magic English es un curso de inglés interactivo compuesto por 32 Vídeos para aprender jugando y divirtiéndose. Bambi, Aladdin, Daisy, Donald o Mowgly son algunos de los entretenidos profesores de Magic English, el curso interactivo que ayudará a sus hijos a descubrir el inglés de una forma altamente educativa, con la diversión y el entretenimiento que siempre garantiza la factoría Disney.

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