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Watts Atelier - Head Phase I,II,III
Watts Atelier - Head Phase I,II,III | 10.78 GB

Jeff Watts studied at The California Art Institute where he was soon invited to teach as he began his illustration career in the movie industry. However, Jeff’s desire to become an easel painter would draw him back to San Diego where he started a small life drawing and painting studio which has evolved into Watts Atelier of the Arts now managed by Jeff and his wife, Krista.
Watts Atelier - Head Phase I
In this phase you will explore basic head construction, and learn how to simplify the complex forms of the head through various measuring techniques. You will then move on to studying the skull, the Asaro head (both simple and complex), and the rhythmical head abstraction. Each section will look at straight on, three-quarter, and profile head angles. This is a very thorough phase so take a deep breath, set your intention, and stay present. If done correctly this phase may take a month or so to get through. Take your time, and remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Watts Atelier - Head Phase II
Now that you have started to become familiar with navigating the human head from various angles, and using a variety of techniques, it is time to put that knowledge to work. In this phase you will be called upon to take the aforementioned techniques and apply them to drawing from photos of plaster casts. We will also take a look at using casts to study individual features. All of this will be preparing you for the rigors of working from the live model. Take your time with these phases. They are equivalent to half a term at the Atelier, which is three months long. Like previous phases, it is not uncommon to take the better part of a month to get through these exercises.

Watts Atelier - Head Phase III
In this phase Jeff will introduce you to the art of head quick sketch. You will watch Jeff tackle indicating heads ranging from 15 second to 5,10,20 and up to one hour. It is in these lesson’s you start to see the true value of all the hard work you did in phase I and II. The first 7.5 hours will be the male model and the second 7.5 hours will be the female. The area of head quick sketch will be utilized in everything from creating thumbnail sketch’s for art director’s, story boarding, conceptual design, animation to fine art. This is a phase not to be missed.


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