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Mastering Compositing - 5 Levels DVD Box Set
Mastering Compositing- 5 Levels DVD Box Set
English | 5 Classes | 9hrs | yuv420p, 1152x720, 2836 kb/s, 30 fps | aac, 44100 Hz, 1 ch | 6.67 GB
Genre: eLearning | Project Files Included

Get ready to impress your clients, puzzle your competition, and blow your models minds!After years of working as a art director for several major publications, photographer Clint Davis now shares the tips, tricks, and techniques that hes used to create stunning photo-composites for over 100 magazine covers!
Mastering Compositing is a complete system that teaches you step-by-step how to believeably place your models in any environment you wish. All of the hi-res elements, environments, and custom brushes youll need are included in this package. Follow along with Clint as he walks you through the tools and methods used by master compositors to create mind-blowing yet realistic final images, in a friendly and easy-to-understand teaching style.

From fine hair extraction to photo-real layer blending and matching lighting direction, Mastering Compositing covers it all. Photographers and art directors love the methods taught in this series because they can be incorporated into your existing workflow. Whether youre new to compositing or an experienced pro, youll find countless methods & shortcuts for maximizing both your compositing speed and precision in your final images. Take a look at what youll learn!

LEVEL ONE: Tools & Basics - Award-winning Art Director Clint Davis teaches the tools the pros use to make phenomenal composites. Make perfect selections using lasso, magic wand, and the pen tool. Then, experiment with filters & masks, Refine Edge, and learn to work in Channels for optimal contrast and precision.
LEVEL TWO: Simple Compositing - Gain compositing proficiency with real-world examples that youll come across frequently. Master model clipping, use custom brushes to paint effects, practice refining edges on blonde hair, and learn environment tricks such as sky extension and creating artificial clouds & shadows.
LEVEL THREE: Photo Enhancement - Transform a practical image into fantasy. Merge backgrounds for selective exposure, remove unwanted elements & embellish your environment with fog, moody skies, road cracks, and global color filters.
LEVEL FOUR: Magazine Cover - Now youre ready to take it to the pro level. Master refining edges on animated or busy hair, combine multiple elements for planar compositing, and change light source direction for maximum believeability. Then, turn on headlights, spin car wheels, and add exhaust smoke. Finally, learn the fine art of precise positioning for layout and print publication.
LEVEL FIVE: Advanced Movie Poster - Its time to put all your skills together to create a true monster composite. Combine and blend multiple complex elements and environments, paint light and shade with masks, create dust and missle trails, add global grunge effects, and move a models legs, arms or overall stance using Puppet Warp.

Mastering Compositing - 5 Levels DVD Box Set

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