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Jam Track Central - Minor Scale Soloing Masterclass: Complete Box Set

Jam Track Central - Minor Scale Soloing Masterclass: Complete Box Set
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We're back with another 'JTC Original', bringing you a complete course packed with everything you need from how to get started, up to how to master advanced soloing in minor keys! Each pack is available individually but as this is a full course designed to cover everything you'll need, we highly recommend picking up this full box set version! No matter what level you are at, you will learn something new or consolidate the fundamentals on your way to mastery!

Each of the three masterclass volumes comes complete with the following:

- A main masterclass PDF file (with diagrams), designed to be your 'guiding light' for the course. In this we will cover and explain everything you need from theory concepts to playing tips and explanations.
- Exercises that will help you practise and perfect the masterclass concepts. These will help you drill and absorb the knowledge you've learned, applying it practically to the neck.
- Licks created specifically to take the theory out of the classroom and onto the stage! These will help you to apply the practise concepts to bitesized musical examples that can be used and incorporated in your own playing ideas.
- A full solo which acts as your 'final challenge' for each volume! Study, understand and master this... and you're ready to tackle the next part! These solos have been designed to get you playing and jamming on the neck using and applying the concepts/knowledge you've learned into a 'real world' situation!

Let's give you an insight into the depth of this full course by outlining just some of the subjects covered in each volume:

The beginner volume will focus on getting you thoroughly up to speed with the basics. We'll be covering the common minor scales and their theories, followed by a focus on finding the fretboard shapes you'll need and building the familiarity across the neck (rather than staying inside box positions!).

The intermediate volume will build on the knowledge gained from the beginner volume by dialling in your approach to soloing over certain chords with target tones, seamlessly changing tonal centres mid-solo, and covering the basics of dominant resolution (something that will be covered in detail in the advanced volume). We'll build up the foundations with more complicated ideas and start preparing you for the advanced material coming later!

In the final advanced volume we will be focusing on pushing the boundaries even further by looking at advanced theory concepts and really testing and increasing your fretboard knowledge. This final volume will solidify everything we've worked on in the previous two volumes and provide you with fresh new challenges designed to help you towards mastery of the minor scales! Specifically, we'll be looking at the infamous minor ii-V-i progression, tension and release with cadences, altered dominant sounds (and theory), further development of target tones as well as a look at which advanced scales/modes are available such as harmonic minor, melodic minor, superlocrian, half-whole diminished and others! Even if you understand the theory behind the minor ii-V-i, you'll find the licks in this package will show you new ways to approach the progression!

So as you can see, whether you're new to the concepts, need a refresher on the fundamentals, or looking to push your boundaries and take your soloing to a whole new level, this course will guide you every step of the way through from the basics to complete mastery!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything!

Package details

Mix | Intermediate | Masterclass Box Set

What you get

Masterclass PDFs
Exercises (Videos/Audio)
Licks (Video/Audio)
Full Solos (Video/Audio)
Extended Backings
Full TAB/Notation

Jam Track Central - Minor Scale Soloing Masterclass: Complete Box Set

Jam Track Central - Minor Scale Soloing Masterclass: Complete Box Set

Jam Track Central - Minor Scale Soloing Masterclass: Complete Box Set

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