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In the Room with Milton Erickson Vol. I

In the Room with Milton Erickson Vol. I


In 1979 in a room next to his office in Phoenix, Arizona, Milton H. Erickson shared his elusively simple hypnotic artistry with a small group of select students. I was one of them. Being with Erickson for that three day period was such a powerful experience that I returned to my home and changed my work and my whole life. The videotapes I had made of these sessions were sacred to me, and I felt protective of them. Knowing how much Erickson's influence can change people for the better, I now want to share the experience I had with as many people as I can.

I've decided to produce to the footage into a 3-volume, 18-DVD set, to share this experience with health-care professionals around the world.

Volume I consisting of 6 DVDs is available for now for qualified people

This first of three volumes consists of 12 hours of this training on six discs. Footage has been minimally edited to provide you the maximum opportunity to experience Erickson himself. Optional subtitles facilitate your listening, and a menu of teaching stories enables you to return to specific sections for repeated viewing and study.

In these evocative sessions students conversed with Erickson as he went in and out of trance with them. Then they returned home, enriched their lives, and enhanced their work. Erickson's comfort with his own unconscious made it possible for people to develop deeper trust in themselves. His carefully chosen words enabled students to join him, opening their own unconscious to new feelings of self-awareness and self discovery. Watching these captivating DVDs is the closest you can come to learning directly from Erickson himself and sharing in the experience that many people had in his presence. All you need to do is relax and enjoy listening to him on unconscious levels. As a professional, you can observe his artistry and integrate what you learn into your own ways of working. Repeated viewings lead to further discoveries of what these rich teaching sessions have to offer.

Owning these DVDs will add clarity and depth to your teaching. Also as a gift to yourself you can go back to them repeatedly. Each time you can rediscover something you hadn't noticed before, but may have already known. Owning the transcripts will enhance your recognition of his impecable elegant use of language. Not one word is irrelevant.

Erickson was clear about the negatives in life and moved with them with such wit, humor, and acceptance that in his own way he transformed them. He was committed to the human possibilities for joy. Perhaps the more you listen the more you can experience yourself in new ways. As you open your heart you can develop new perceptions about the complexity and beauty of life itself.
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