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Holosync Awakening Prologue, Level 1-3

Holosync Awakening Prologue, Level 1-3

What is this?
If you are reading this page, then you should already know what Holosync is. If you don't, stop reading this and go research what it's about. I will not be instructing you how to anything, it is simply the download page. I included the official instructions in the release of Level 1, so if you want to know more start looking. If you take a little time to learn about this more, you will come to respect it much more than "another awesome download", it will have value.

You can start here though:

ALSO, I strongly urge you to research more within these links and others about emotional upheaval during the program, and how to deal with it. Everyone encounters it, you will want to know what to do, or you might go crazy in the head.

This release includes the Awakening Prologue, Level 1, and Level 2. This is valued at ~$600 as Bill H. demands. Enjoy.

I've been using Holosync daily for the past solid year. I bought the prologue Jan '06, used it for a solid six months, it was great. I liked it enough to buy Level 1 in July '06 and have been using it everyday as well. I have just recently started Level 2 (approx. 1 month ago Mar '07) and I notice more shifts.

There is no need to sit here and sell you on Holosync, but I will say this to those of you interested in my journey with it: It has definitely played the role it was designed to perform. My life has been shifting drastically this past year. Given, I've indulged in many other growth endeavors the past year, yet the change within myself is so deep... so profound, that I must give credit to Holosync for assisting deeply. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that Holosync did it. Simply, it was the tool I needed to do it all for myself, to push me to that next level. Gamers, I've leveled up.

Release Contents:
All the tracks are ripped directly from the CDs into FLAC format. I am very skeptical of the mp3 format with Holosync, FLAC is a much safer bet. I've included images of the covers of prologue and level 1, and the instructions for level 1 (which are more complicated than prologue).

Very Important: I wont be held liable for what you do with these tracks. If you awaken your kundalini too early and are freaking out because you used this product other than what the instructions say, don't look to me for answers.

At some point down this journey though, I will say this. You will have to decide if you want to buy Holosync, find ways to mimic it using do-it-yourself programs, or quit altogether. Those are the 3 ultimate options when you reach Level 2, some search-savvy people can find Levels 3 and 4, no one knows where to find anything Level 5 - 12. If you know where to, let me know. As of now, the amount of growth you can attain from this download is amazing. It will provide you with a solid 1.5 years, or 3 6month periods, of mental 'quantum' bounds. By that, I mean you must find out what that really means, if you choose.

Basic Instruction
The Prologue instructions are simple: Listen to the Dive only for 2 weeks daily. Do it at the same time each day if you can, sitting up helps but isn't required. After 2 weeks, listen to the Dive and Immersion back to back once a day for as long as you want, at least 6 months. I suggest reading more about this elsewhere to supplement.

DO NOT listen to Holosync more than once in a day, else you will regret it for yourself. Trust me. Why? Read elsewhere on this topic. Of course, some people out there learn this the hard way, and if you 'dive too long' you will too.

For those of you curious, there is a reason that there are multiple Dive's and Immersion's. Holosync uses "Dive" and "Immersion" as a template for all their levels, indicating which audio takes you down into the state (Dive), and which one holds you there (Immersion). Check the Level 1 instructions included to learn more about this.

My scan of the instructions don't seem to include Gamma and Floating instructions, so here they are:

*Floating* - "Use Floating nightly, or as you have time to, to reinforce your personalized affirmations."

*Gamma* You have 3 options - 1) "You may use the Gamma Compassion CD every other day as a substitute for Immersion, immediately following Dive. (Day 1: Dive/Immersion, Day 2: Dive/Gamma, Day 3: Dive/Immersion). 2) You may add the Gamma Compassion CD to your hour-long Dive/Immersion listening session, making a 90 minute daily session. (Dive/Immersion/Gamma). 3) You may use the Gamma CD independently of your Dive/Immersion listening session. Feel free to experiment with all 3 of these methods, and find which one works best for you."

Official Support Follow-up Letters:
These are the official centerpointe support follow-up letters. I have never seen anyone else share these before, I enjoyed them. They send these out every 2 weeks from the day you purchase Prologue. I suggest reading each one of these in the same fashion, #1 as soon as you start the Dive and Immersion full-hour long, read #2 2 weeks after that, #3 2 weeks after that, etc.

Now, many of you are curious about the affirmations that I selected for the Autofonix technology (once again, go research this if you don't know what it is). There is controversy over the effects actually working... who knows. I've been using Brain Bullet for 30 days and notice results, I've been using Autofonix for 9 months, I cant tell much.

Either way, you have a right to know what you are listening to. Below are the affirmations I picked, and each of these are recorded in my own voice into the Autofonix. I'm not sure how this will affect people other than me, so please be sure to contact me if you notice results.

Level 1 are the only tracks that have these affirmations embedded. Prologue is just basic, and Level 2 has, to my knowledge, the affirmations removed. If this is a problem for you, just repeat your favorite affirmations in your head like a mantra while you listen.

Holosync Awakening Prologue, Level 1-3
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