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Jonathan Green - Girlfriend In A Week System

Jonathan Green - Girlfriend In A Week System

Girlfriend In A Week System contain Videos, Audio and PDf Files.
Well, for PUA's.

. women are only objectS.

. and they're thrown away like yesterday's smelly sardines when another shiny object presents herself.

The community is cruel that way.

It desensitizes you to love.

That wasn't going to happen to me.

So like the nerd I am, I looked at all of the seduction tactics I'd learned over the years with fresh eyes.

I wiped the slime off of the most powerful attraction tactics.

.and created something all new.

.something for men who are more interested in relationships.

.and not just one-night stands.

And I wanted to be proud of it.

.even to show my sisters.

. because they would know I see them for what they truly are.

Of course I spent time in the field refining my "game" for over a year.

Because I'm a fanatical tester.

To me, the stakes were higher than just doing one-night-stands.

I wanted to settle down and find a girlfriend.

And seduction tactics alone would not work for that.


1.Girlfriend In A Week ebook.


Lesson 1 - InField Challenge - Opening

Lesson 2 - Master of Your Domain

Lesson 3 - On The Way To The Club

Lesson 4 - Facing Your Demons

Lesson 5 - InField Challenge - Transitioning

Lesson 6 - First 10 Minutes


3.1 Organic Seduction AudioBook

3.2 Gain Dating Confidence

3.3 Rob Judge Interview

3.4 Texting Strategies

3.5 The Perfect Date
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