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Ask Video Universal Audio 203 UA Classic Compressors TUTORiAL
Ask Video Universal Audio 203 UA Classic Compressors TUTORiAL | 129 MB

If any company knows compression it’s Universal Audio (UA). They practically invented it! This UA in-action course explains and explores compression and shows you how these classics work! So sit back and learn compression with engineer Alex Solano.
Join Alex Solano and learn about Universal Audio’s software emulation of three of the world’s favorite classic compressors! The UA 1176 - This compressor is one of Universal Audio’s original hardware designs and you can be sure that their emulation is as accurate as it gets. Alex then takes you on the grand tour and then shows you how to compress guitars, drums and how to get that beautiful, realistic 1176 distortion.

Next up is a collection of tutorials on the equally famous Teletronix LA-2A followed by some in-action tutorials on the Fairchild Tube Limiter. So whether you’ve got access to the original hardware units (lucky you!) or you have UA’s software plugins, this course will get tracking, mixing and mastering like a pro with these amazing compressors and limiters!

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 11 2016

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