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NLP Persuasion Skills on Steroids with Rintu Basu

NLP Persuasion Skills on Steroids with Rintu Basu

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Many NLP and Hypnosis Trainers can't or won't train you to unleash the power of Covert Persuasion Skills. "Do you want the skills to: Command attention, Get people to say yes, Generate more business but struggle with confusing, theoretical and downright unworkable hypnotic persuasion techniques?"

"What if you could get into the mind of an Internationally Acclaimed Best Selling NLP Persuasion Skills Author and download his skills directly into your head?"

Siegfried - "Understanding his tricks of the trade and watching the videos again is like stepping into the mind of a master persuader."

Kevin - "Who else does this? How many seminars have you been to that have a separate class after the event to teach you how they persuaded the audience? None??...Rintu does!"

Edward - "DANGEROUS. This material is DANGEROUS. Think twice before you get it. This is like playing with dynamite."

Anna - "Imagine my surprise and excitement when, after getting mid-way through his 'Black Book' course (and doing all the exercises, of course), I realized that reframes, language patterns, embedded commands, etc. started popping up in my language without any conscious effort."

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Rintu Basu

International Best Selling Author

The Persuasion Skills Black Book
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