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Master The Art of Persuasion With This Proven 7 Steps Script Formula. Create Video Sales Letters That Actually Sell!

Do you know the traditional sales-letter...? The long one that stretches down your browser for 10 pages?
Well...It's DEAD
The most predominant trend now in online marketing is Video sales letter (VSL). It pretty much doesn't matter what you need to sell, video sales letter is the ideal tool for the job. The common wisdom says that a good 2-4 minute VSL can beat an old-style sales letter by as much as 300%.
Why? Because people are tired of reading 5-25 pages packed with information to take a decision. They want the facts, and they want them fast.
Today we are facing the rise of TONS of new software making it easier than ever to actually CREATE good looking videos fast (the easiest and most common one is...Powerpoint (!)).
So, what's the problem?
Simple. Most people's video sales letters sell close to nothing. Not because they can't make video (that's the easy part), but because they don't know what script to use in their videos to actually make a sale!
Now if you already have sales letter, what if you could convert that sales-letter into an engaging video that could triple sales?
And what if these nearly hypnotic videos were dirt simple to make, no camera required?

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