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Infinitus - 7 Day Sidewalk Funnel

Infinitus - 7 Day Sidewalk Funnel


Thanks so much for investing in the INFINITUS 7-Day Funnel. I'm super excited to help you launch your Sidewalk funnel in less than 7-days.

If you'd like to review the replay of the training webinar, you can view the live training by clicking here.

And if I haven't welcomed you yet, click here for that!

Day 1 - Sidewalk Funnel Training

In this training video we'll uncover the sidewalk funnel that you're going to be developing in the next 7 days. We'll review everything you'll need as well as how this program will work with your current business to bring in more qualified leads almost instantly. (10-20 minutes)

Click to Watch the Training

Tools of the Trade / Click for Article Version Instead

Day 2 - Article Creation and Publishing

A secret part of being able to generate leads? It's using a tactic we call relevancy hacking and the first part of this relevancy hacking is ensuring that we have articles that can introduce a potential 'pain' and solution, allowing us to create a perfect target audience for our lead generation tactics. (1-2 Hours)

Article Creation Action Guide - Click to Download

Relevancy Hacking - Click to View

Sample Article #1 - Click to View

Sample Article #2 - Click to View

Sample Article #3 - Click to View

Day 3 - Lead Magnet Development

What's the point of just having visitors on your website? Most of the time not much. Lead magnets allow us to develop very specific pain-alleviating aids to our potential customers. They show our authority, introduce a pain and how to solve it in a very short amount of time.

Today, it's all about developing a low-cost, low-obligation lead magnet that will be seen as true value in the marketplace of your potential customers. (2-3 Hours)

Creating Offers that Work - Click to View Article

Types of Lead Magnets: Click to Access

Lead Magnets In-Depth: Click to Access

Growth Guide - Sample Lead Magnet #1

Dawe's Mechanical - Hot Tub Guide - Sample Lead Magnet #2

Avalon Laser Health - Plantar Fasciitis - Sample Lead Magnet #3

Making your Lead Magnet Sexy - Click to View Article

Day 4 - Landing Page Creation

Positioning our value is extremely important and using effective landing pages allows you to easily show that unique value proposition to your customers. With our plug and play templates for Unbounce, you can easily get started with your landing page and have it online in minutes. (2-3 Hours)

Sidewalk Landing Page Tutorial

Landing Page Quick Hacks: Click to Access

Unbounce Sidewalk Page Template Example

Importing your Template into Unbounce Tutorial

Landing Page Worksheet

Unbounce Tutorial

The Power of Unbounce - Click to Read Article

Example Privacy Policy

Day 5 - Email Automation Setup

Email marketing isn't going to be difficult for you. Using our nurture sequence you'll be able to turn strangers into qualified leads that know, like and trust you so you can bring them to the next level. Our 1-click automation also allows you to integrate it directly into your email platform, making it super simple to get your automation running instantly. (2-3 Hours)

10 Email Nurture Sequence Word Document

INFINITUS Sidewalk Email Marketing Example

Active Campaign Automation - Click to Import

Importing your Active Campaign Automation

ActiveCampaign Tool Information - Click to View Article

Active Campaign Template (to Import) - Click to Import

Integration ActiveCampaign and Unbounce Tutorial

BONUS: Writing to Connect

BONUS: Email Marketing Training (2 Hours)

Day 6 - Facebook Advertising Setup

Facebook advertising can be daunting, but not for you. You're going to be making Facebook advertising drive an insane amount of traffic, allowing you to turn strangers into potential customers and qualified leads. (2-5 Hours)

Facebook Relevancy Hack Overview

Facebook Article Setup Execution Plan - Click to Download

Facebook Sidewalk Setup Execution Plan - Click to Download

Facebook Overview Tutorial

Facebook Insights Tutorial

100 Leads a Day - 2 Hour Facebook Training

Facebook Advertising Excel Template

Facebook Advertising Tutorial Video

Facebook Targeting Excel Template

Facebook Targeting Tutorial Video

AdEspresso Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Budgeting Excel File

Setting up Facebook Pixels

Setting up Facebook Custom Audiences

Advertising Compliance Rules

Managing your Facebook Campaign Guide

Day 7 - Deployment

And now it's time for launch, make sure you have all the technology integrated and you've reviewed the entire check-list, it's time to go LIVE! (1 hour)

Launch Checklist
Direct Download

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