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Penguin Live Online Lecture with Paul Gordon [September 18, 2016]

Penguin Live Online Lecture with Paul Gordon [September 18, 2016]
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Subject: Magic Tricks

What will he teach?

World's Best Card Trick - A chosen card is incorrectly located and magically rectified.
ACR - Usual effect with the PG touch.
Diminishing Not Likely - A chosen card is located and changes into the 4 Aces.
Twister - Four Kings change to Aces...with a twist.
Hellman's Aces - Magical production of the 4 Aces.
Corner of Piccadilly - A monte effect with a kicker ending.
Killer OMG - Twisting the Aces with TWO surprises.
Head to Head Poker - Simply that the spec simply can't win.
Totally Baffling Card Control - A magical way of proving the deck is/isn't marked.
Killer Mystery Card - Two effects in one, a mystery card effect with a kicker.
Easy Ace Estimation - Cutting the Aces.
Powerhouse - Four of a kind production from shuffled deck.
The Ultimate Sting - 8 Ace of Spades change to Royal Flush...and more!
Twin Peeks - Two decks and mind-reading killer.
Carbon Footprints - A magical prediction for genuinely shuffled cards.
That's Odd - Jumbo card prediction.
Mars Life - Four Aces surprise appearance.
Knock Em Dead - Lie detector test.
Shocked Aces - Two selections are located by the four Aces.
Tenkai Sandwich - Deck is shuffled face-up and face-down and magically corrected...with a selection.
Stud - A unique spelling effect.

...Plus, the possibility of a few extra bonus effects if time permits.

Penguin Live Online Lecture with Paul Gordon [September 18, 2016]

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