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KNP University - RESTful APIs in the Real World
KNP University - RESTful APIs in the Real World | 1.06 GB
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Making RESTful APIs is hard, really hard. There are a lot of concepts to know - resources, representations, HTTP methods, status codes, etc. And putting this all to life in a sane way in PHP is no small task. In this course, we'll learn all the most fundamental concepts around REST and learn about the "rules" and the advantages and disadvantages of each. And we'll of course build a real API to show it all off.
Topics include:

* HTTP basics
* Resources and Representations
* Resource state, client state
* Idemptotency and safe methods
* Proper Status Codes, Location header and Content-Type
* Testing your API
* RFCs and where the "rules" come from
* Advanced error and validation handling
* Using a serializer
* Token Authentication System (Silex's security system)
* Hypermedia versus media
* The HAL hypermedia type
* The HATEOAS PHP library
* The HAL Browser
* Embedding resources (versus adding links)
* Tricks with Behat for testing API's
* Pagination and filtering
* A lot of other pieces in between!

This stuff is not easy. But if you make it through, you'll be armed to attack whatever API need you have.

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KNP University - RESTful APIs in the Real World

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