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Sandi Krakowski FaceBook 2 0 - Part 5 How To Create Your Facebook Ads
Sandi Krakowski FaceBook 2 0 - Part 5: How To Create Your Facebook Ads | 233.22 MB
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Dear small business owner, entrepreneur, author, ministry worker or anyone who has a small budget, big goals, and wants to dominate the Facebook platform,
During the last three years Ive built a highly targeted Facebook page that produces millions of dollars in sales every year. This page is so highly targeted that is has a higher engagement and �talking about this than even Starbucks or CocaCola.
My team and I have been hard at work for the last eight weeks, testing, recording data, extracting information and mining our way through ALL of the recent changes on Facebook.
Heres the deal- Facebook has changed their playing field. Theyve changed their algorithms. Things have changed DRAMATICALLY.
The classes weve released still work and are still creating ridiculous results, because theyre all built on direct response marketing and methods that are ever green- theyll always work. BUT there are some new things you really need to know.
Now I know there are a lot of gurus out there and so-called Facebook Experts teaching how they are currently increasing engagement, keeping their ROI high, using the latest greatest landing pages and such to increase their sales. I know this because in the last 4 weeks Ive purchased every single course out there. Trust me, I have. But get this

Part 5: How To Create Your Facebook Ads
Sandi�s FAVORITE ads and the ones that most of her clients soar to the top with!

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