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Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program: Body Sculpting Collection - Jaana Kunitz & Julia Powers

Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program: Body Sculpting Collection - Jaana Kunitz & Julia Powers

DVD 1:
LOWER BODY SCULPT Jaana takes the booty crunching moves from the Spanish Paso Doble and targets the entire program to your glutes and thighs. Don't be surprised when you notice that your thighs are suddenly more slender and your butt is firmed and lifted - all while having fun and dancing!

DVD 2:
LATIN CARDIO JAM Julia introduces the dance steps that made her a 12 times US dance champion, into a fun cardio workout. These signature moves are sure to get you dancing into shape and feeling great!

DVD 3:
SECRET TO SEXY ABS Takes the most effective core crunch actions from the Core Rhythms program that help you achieve a lean, defined midsection! This workout hits every muscle of your core on the deepest level possible using sexy Latin dance moves that anyone can do.

BONUS! ABS IN A HURRY - crunches your midsection in only 5 minutes! Now you can crunch your core even if you are crunched for time!

DVD 4:
MERENGUE MANIA - Jaana and Julia teach you the 3 Core Movements essential to Latin dancing. They start the warm up with Hot Latin Rhythms and continue to keep you grooving with fun moves to Merengue and Salsa beats. The workout slowly winds down with the fluid movements of the exotic Rumba. This program is a sure fire way to get that lean, sexy body of a dancer that you have always dreamed of having! CORE RHYTHMS offers revolutionary weight loss exercise programs that use sexy Latin Dance Moves that raise your heart rate and tone and tighten your entire core at the same time. The fun, CORE RHYTHMS moves all start with the core, affecting your upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, obliques and your back to give you a 360° total CORE WORKOUT, all while being swept away by the fun of dance. It's a CORE RHYTHMS workout! ::

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