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The Complete Weight Loss Course For Night Shift Workers

The Complete Weight Loss Course For Night Shift Workers

Course Description
Are you a nurse? A flight attendant? A pilot? A security guard? Work in hospitality? Or any graveyard job and feel miserable being out of shape because you've tried every diet and nothing seems to work?

This online weight loss course will show you the practical strategies for how you can lose weight while working a night shift roster, or variable roster hours.

This course is designed to teach you the mindset strategies, step-by-step weight loss solution, and an optional weight training section, to help you lose weight without quitting your night shift job.

This course is a world first.

There are thousands of weight loss courses out there. Most of them over-promise and under-deliver. Most of them are written by authors that haven't achieved the results they preach in their books. Almost all of them are a waste of money.

And what about shift workers?

You will not find a course, book, or podcast anywhere that tailors specific weight loss strategies that work, and are sustainable, to night shift workers.

Just a few of the benefits you will get from this course;

Learn from an instructor that is currently a night shift worker (6.5 years) and has maintained his physique for 3 years (see instructor profile)
Learn how to manage your night shift colleagues that will distract you from your weight loss mission
Expect to lose up to 4 pounds (2 kilograms) by the end of the 14 day challenge, while eating your favourite foods, without starving yourself, without ruining your metabolism, while doing night shift.
Principles used by fitness models but adapted to night shift workers, backed in science, and they work!
Learn powerful anecdotes from an instructor that has struggled for years as a night shift worker to lose weight and get into shape.
And much more!
About the author:

Brad Newton is a current night shift worker (of 6.5 years) who started coaching in 2014 through SeekFitLife and most recently, as an video course creator, with a mission to impact as many people to greater health and fitness. In the period of 4 months as a video course creator, Brad's popular courses have accumulated almost 3,000 students from 110 countries. His courses have been featured on Amazon, SkillShare, and YouTube.

What are the requirements?
Please read the "Course Disclaimer" found within the video 'How To Use This Course'
A tape measure (craft store or or
Basic kitchen scales (to measure certain food choices)
What am I going to get from this course?
Expect to safely lose up to 4 pounds (2 kilograms) by the end of the 14 day challenge
Eat the foods you enjoy the most on night shift and still lose weight
Learn principles that are used by fitness models that will guarantee weight loss
Get a complete understanding of the fundamentals rules that govern weight loss and apply them to real results
Create the internal leverage to take control of your life and begin your weight loss journey
Accurately track progress using photos and numbers, ensuring you will reach your goals
Estimate with relative accuracy what your body fat percentage is
Apply the practical strategies necessary to break through plateaus
Learn and apply basic weight training principles
What is the target audience?
All night shift workers and shift workers must take this course
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