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Personal Health Summit(2015)

Personal Health Summit(2015)

Welcome to Your Personal Health Summit!
Find out more about YOUR Personal Health
Your Personal Health Summit is all about 2 weeks of Personalized health. We're sharing stories, inspiration and gifts from brilliant speakers from around the world so that you can be aware and open to the possibilities, and where to go when you know what's right for you.
We know that each of us it completely unique - what works for one may not work for the next, so we urge you to find out what's right for you and then surround yourself with the people who are giving you what you need. It's not the same for everyone. That's why our panel of speakers is so diverse - so that you have a starting point for the resources and support you need once you know what's right for you!

Week 1: October 12 - 16
Monday, Oct 12th
Tyler Tolman
Stu Mittleman
Sophia Godkin, PhD

Tuesday, Oct 13th
Jennifer McLean
Cameron McDonald, PhD
Dario Nardi, PhD

Wednesday, Oct 14th
Angie Johnsey
Lisa Garr
John Gray, PhD

Thursday, Oct 15th
Morty Lefkoe
Laura Silva
Rollin McCraty, PhD

Friday, Oct 16th
Dr David Katz
Dr Penny Caldicott
Dean Radin, PhD

Week 2: October 19 - 23
Monday, Oct 19th
Dr Tom O'Bryan
Ben Greenfield
Marci Shimoff
BONUS Dr Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

Tuesday, Oct 20th
Dr Michael Grandner
Lynne McTaggart
Lynika Cruz
BONUS James Goodin

Wednesday, Oct 21st
Richard Moss
Charan Surdhar
James Swanwick
BONUS Neeta Bhushan

Thursday, Oct 22nd
Bruce H. Lipton, PhD
Dr Fabrizio Mancini
Arielle Ford
BONUS Dr Phil Wuth

Friday, Oct 23rd
Clint McLellan
Jeffrey Slayter
Lynne Twist
BONUS Erin Elizabeth
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