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A Complete College-Level Music Theory Curriculum. This is Part 3: Minor keys, Circle of Fifths, and Compound Meters.

In this class, we will cover:

My approach to Music Theory
Tools you will need to learn Music Theory quickly and efficiently
Key Signatures
Diatonic Chord Progressions
Tendency Chords
Using the Circle of Fifths for Songwriting and Composition
Borrowing from Closely Related Keys
Scale Degree Names
Tendency Tones
Compound Meters
Compound Meter Signatures
Reading and Writing Compound Meters
Triplets, dubplets, and Quadruplets
Finding Minor keys by alternations to Major
Patterns in Minor keys
Relative Minor keys
Parallel Minor keys
Minor keys in the Circle of Fifths
Using Minor Keys for Songwriting and Composition
Diatonic Chord Progressions in Minor
The V Chord and Minor and the Leading Tone Problem
Harmonic Minor Scales
Melodic Minor Scales
...and much, much more!

Music Theory Comprehensive Part 3 - Minor Keys and More (2016)



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