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Learn How The Pro's Apply Automation To Get Creative Results Automation is one of the principal tools in your mixing kit. With skilled application you can add a lot of add the shading and movement that transforms a good track into a musical journey for your listeners. In this 9-part intermediate course, ADSR instructor Stephen Ellestad takes you through the most effective creative techniques for applying automation using Logic Pro X. From the basics, to useable techniques, right through to a discussion of the bigger picture.

This course gives you the skills to know what, when and how to start expertly applying automation to your own projects straight away.
In Creative Automation Workflows in Logic Pro X you will learn how to capitalize on Logic's inbuilt features in both a practical and creative automation workflow.

Starting with an overview of basic automation, you'll learn how to build a creative EDL (edit decision list) and then examine automation techniques for channel & plugin automation, along with discussion and demonstration of region, group, send and section automation in Logic Pro X.
Get More Creative Control Over Your Mixes

By the end of this course you'll be familiar all the different aspects of automation inside of logic pro x including working with plugin and channel automation, automating FX sends and returns, balancing groups and working with automation to shape the tone and parallel processing.
You'll also know how to approach automation from a big picture perspective such as automating sections of a song and using various trim automation styles to really bring in the final detail.


01 Overview
02 Setting up the session
03 Creative mix set up
04 Channel automation
05 Plugin automation
06 Region automation
07 Sends automation
08 Group automation
09 Section automation

Creative Mix Automation Workflows in Logic Pro X (2016)



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