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How to Build an eCommerce Website With Miva Merchant

How to Build an eCommerce Website With Miva Merchant

This course is intended for all level of Web Professionals (Developers, Designers) but you need a solid foundation in HTML, CSS and familiarity with any programming language. If you know what a variable is, or an if,else statement you'll do great. You do not have to be an expert programmer to take this course.

This course includes a free copy of Miva Merchant which you will sign up for during the initial lesson. This store is a full featured Miva store which you can use as a developer sandbox and is yours to keep as long as you want.

There are over 50 videos in this course each covering a small topic. This course was intended to completed over a series of a few days to a few weeks depending on speed and availability. It is completely self-paced and can be done quicker or longer based on your individual needs.

What are the requirements?

A free developer store is provided for use during this course. Students should have an web developers understanding of HTML, CSS and javascript.

What am I going to get from this course?

Build an ecommerce store using the Miva Merchant Platform. This course takes you from eCommerce rookie to an eCommerce expert. You learn the Miva Merchant template language, Store Morph Technology and how to build a high quality eCommerce Store using Miva Merchant.

What is the target audience?

This course is for web developers with knowledge of HTML, CSS and javascript who are interested in learning how to build a eCommerce Store. If you are a web developer looking to expand your skillset or offer additional services to your clients through eCommerce, this course is for you.
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