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SimPLife - The Way of the Practical Life

SimPLife - The Way of the Practical Life

Want to be handy, be useful, to serve your family, your people, this world?
Choose the skills you want to engage with- and suggest what you prefer to see!
and you'll find ways in here to develop those.
An arsenal of information awaits you...

22 videos (and counting),
2.5 hours of content from 4 countries,
crammed with get-off-your-butt useable solutions.
25+ years in the making. and it ain't over yet.....

SimPLife is offerings of self-reliance and useable knowledge:
wanna grow FOOD, organically? got you covered.
BUILD something, naturally? sure, take a look.
just, live with LESS? yep, its in there.

earth and humanwork, unafraid as it must be.
not derailed by improbable odds, silly appearance or the selfish and uncaring,
willing to practice Light in the midst of Darkness,
refusing to deny what is right HERE, and showing what can BE.

not sidestepping our mounting paradox,
SimPLife embraces a human world in the fire of extreme consequence
yet frozen by extreme apathy, our limitless possibility emulsed in rigid control.

SimPLife is NOT for everyone.
"ask NOT what this world can do for you, ask what together we can do for the betterment of this Planet, and for all Beings of open hand and heart."
if you're OK with that, then SimPLife is OK for you.

this course is a 3 tiered program of general good practices, hard-learned hacks & hands-on serious fun.

TIER A: SPELLING IT OUT - SimPL, letter by letter ~ each letter in the name stands for something essential to why SimPL was founded. These videos form the core principles for creating the behaviour and conditions towards a practical life, a simplife- with Practical Living finally summed up in 10 video segments:

1. No-Credit Economics
2. Buy Second-Hand
3. NO Chemicals!
4. BE Local
5. Thoroughness In All Things
6. Honour Your Body (be healthy)
7. Eat Less Meat (or none)
8. Make Homemade
9. Teach
10. Because the World Needs YOU

TIER B: SimPLife SECRET AGENT - prime investigations of a do-gooder badass~
observing the universe- and the big bad world- to learn how it all operates, with each subject deepening our becoming a sensible streetwise integrated activist operative, knowing that social camps - be it secular, new age, right, left, anarchist or scientist, tend to exclude or ignore some aspect of the essential whole.

TIER C: SimPLife CAUGHT PLAYING - hands on the dirty work, to come up shining ~ putting the principles to work, describing process, achieving result. each video is excerpted from other SimPLife courses, from making food to decoding Cosmos to assembling earth, creating art.

because the world needs YOU.

what is glaringly obvious is this:
to shake free, to live sensibly, sanely, practically-
and to make irrelevant, certain dominating negative influences.

truth at times is a vicious razor.
we can all so easily start living sensibly NOW with the gifts of this planet -
and if not, we may as well not plan on having many future generations of human beings. period.

a bit melodramatic? shucks, it's a habit by now in this
environ-mental work.
just going by what the probabilities say.
it's also why a simpler- not poorer!- lifestyle is important,
and why YOU are so important to your human guild, to SimPL, to the planet.

so, my new friend, we hope to see you around often, not only as an info-receiver,
but as a participant-multiplier,
and most of all a DOer.
as your own personal secret agent.

WE, because there are others who care. many more than is perhaps obvious.
about the next generation of humans more than the nextgen of products,
about making sense while they chase their $50,000-in-the-first-month,
about earning self-reliance and freedom on planet earth.

please take NOTES, COMMENT often- ADD to this body of work!
because, the world needs you. this is not a joke.

multiplicity for

What are the requirements?

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING, is necessary to engage in this course- feeling the excitement of a new journey is all that is asked.
It is well to know oneself, at least an awareness toward: interests insane curiosities and natural tendencies.
Approach the SimPLife courses ready to engage: if not physically, then in imagination and creation-love. you will only physically work at what subject interests you ANYWAY, at your own pace, whatever feels good in your body.
Whatever there is to engage, learn discuss do... WE can go there together, if you allow. Deal? This is the mandate of interdependency and the bones of community.
DO ASK YOURSELF: have you already begun the process of finding out, then exploring what you burn most for, on the journey which has no finite end or limits? If so, PLEASE surge forward! NOW IS ALWAYS THE BEST TIME
Just because you DON'T REALLY KNOW YOUR PASSIONS, doesn't mean you need to worry or stress over it. KNOW that sincerely engaging your search is a rarely found human elevation!
...And while you're at it, why not SimPLy grow your own food or build that oven out back with some buddies- SimPLife how-to's are thoroughly explained, practical and useable to everyone.
BE here for GOOD.
...and Bring a notebook.

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