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How I Proved The Gurus Wrong And Developed...

Dear Friend,

Let's just say it were possible... I mean, possible that RIGHT NOW...

- With a simple website (that you made with a handful of mouse clicks)...

- Some simple articles... (that someone else wrote for you)...

- And a few simple promotion techniques (that someone else did for you)...

You could have yourself a little income machine that produced, $300, $1000, or $3000 a month... every month. Coming straight to your bank account. No matter how long you spent "working" on it.

Then imagine you had the exact formula to replicate one of those income machines...

Imagine you had the blueprint for building as many of them as you wished, multiplying your passive income with each new one you had.

Would you scale your income up to $5000 a month? $10,000 a month? Even further?

My name's Andrew Hansen and on this page I'm going to show you exactly how this is possible, and exactly how you could have one of these little income streams up, running, and earning by the end of this month.

I'm going to show you how I've done it - every single month for the last 7 years - and how normal people from every walk of life are doing exactly the same... following my blueprint right... this... minute.

Ready? Here goes...

First, I know you've heard claims like this before. If you're anything like me, you are immediately skeptical of them.

So rather than yell in your face about how amazing my "super duper system" is... or show you a photo of me posing next to someone else's Ferrari... (we all know how obnoxious THAT is...)

I'd rather just take you inside my own portfolio and show you some of these humble little sites so you can see for yourself.

Here's a sampling of 3 little income streams from my own portfolio...

As you're reading, you'll get a sense of how simple they are, how little work went into them, and how easy it is for you to replicate them to produce thousands of dollars in passive income for yourself and your family, every month, starting TODAY...

Income Machine #1:

First income produced: Month 1, a $38 sale.
Total time spent on it: Less than 2 day's work.
Total pages on site: 7
Total setup cost: $10 domain
Traffic it gets: 33 visits a day.

Current Monthly Income 2013: $380/month

Income Machine #2:

First income produced: Month 1, a $30.18 sale
Total time spent on it: Less than 2 day's work.
Total pages on site: 6
Total setup cost: $10 domain
Traffic it gets: 262 visits a day.

Current Monthly Income 2013: $1195.41/month

Income Machine #3:

First income produced: Month 1, a $94.50 sale
Total time spent on it: Less than 4 day's work.
Total pages on site: 10
Total setup cost: $10 domain
Traffic it gets: 45 visits per day

Current Monthly Income 2013: $3024/month

Click Play To Watch Me Log Into This Account Live:

And there are plenty more where those came from - in fact I'll be showing you some more later - but you get the idea.

Pretty cool right? But you wanna know the craziest part?

Further down this page...

What I want to show you here today is exactly:

And of course, that little secret...

Here goes...

First... I'm NOT going to tell you my "rags to riches" story here.

Truth is, I don't really have one.

I DID have one, kinda.

A poor student, living with my parents, dreams to make a fortune online, all of that.

Like most people, I had that period (for me it was a year) where I:

- Tried 10 different ways to make money online (all at once)
- Spent way too much cash (some that wasn't even mine)
- Got scammed by all kinds of "gurus" and...
- Ended up wasting a year where I lost much more money than I made.

At bottom, I was forced to take some online jobs for like $8 an hour to pay off the debts I accumulated.

Suffice it to say: Every mistake in the book, I've made it.

But... that was 7 years ago.

I've been making a fortune online ever since, and using my passive income to live free and abundant... with one variation or another of the very formula I'm going to share with you today.

So let's just fast forward to 2012, where the story REALLY gets interesting...

So we re join the story in 2012.

I got married at the start of year (thank you!) and in June, the wife and I had just returned from our honeymoon.

It was a magical year for me.

We took 6 weeks "off" around the wedding. Got married on a clifftop in Thailand. Closest friends and family there. We stayed in this villa where you have a button to call a private chef for you... the works!

(Note: I'm not usually THAT kind of guy... but it was our wedding and we figured what the heck, ya know?!)

Anyway, absolute highlight of my life, by far.

Then a couple months later, we took another 5 weeks for our "proper" honeymoon.

We spent the time traveling round the Greek Islands for a while, and we rented an apartment in the south of France for the rest of the time.

(Yep, also broke my arm on honeymoon... whole other story)

My level of gratitude is through the roof. Memories I'll never forget.

By this point - June 2012... I'd only spent maybe one quarter of the year doing anything that could even vaguely be described as "work".

** (That's just kind of how things are when you have this kind of passive income business)

But it was at this point that my year took a bit of a turn...

When I got back home - and out of my little happiness bubble - I started getting into a little "work" again, and I found some strange things happening...

Things that made me terribly angry.

For whatever reason, while I'd been away, there were groups of people in the "internet marketing" world talking about how certain ways of making money online were "dead" all of a sudden...

There was this general feeling that for some reason, it wasn't possible to make money online with these little websites, other people's products, and free traffic anymore.

Former students of mine were sending me worried emails. Some people even changed businesses for good. What was going ON?!

I was dumbfounded...

"Who is spreading this trash?" I thought.

"Who thinks it's ok to mislead people in this way?"

Damn "internet experts" and their "big talk"! "Do they even have a shred of a conscience left?!"

Me and countless others were living amazing, exciting, contributing, meaningful lives thanks to these passive income streams, and now thanks to some naysayers on the interwebs, it's all suddenly "dead"?

At first it affected me a little bit, but after a few weeks of hearing about it every day, I just got furious.

Until finally, I couldn't take it any more...

"Here's what I'm gonna do", I thought.

"I'm gonna show these knuckleheads once and for ALL"...

Forget my existing affiliate sites, and my existing passive income...

"I'm gonna start over... from SCRATCH. I'll start again right now, when all these people think this stuff is "DEAD"".

I'll build up new income streams, with a perfect formula, and I'll prove beyond any doubt that this stuff is not only still POSSIBLE, but in some cases EASIER now than it was before...

So that's what I did...

I wanted complete focus for this mission. And I wanted dramatic results.

So I picked up my new wife and off we went again. Back to the beach in Thailand. (I figured if I'm going to have to knuckle down and work for a few months, it may as well be in a tropical paradise!)

We rented a great little apartment that was 50m from the beach, on a small quiet island.

I spent the next 3 months working away at this new formula, building up my new income streams, and swimming in the ocean at sunset. (Oh and eating a LOT. Authentic Thai food is the BEST!)

But most importantly, I spent 3 months documenting EVERYTHING I did so that eventually I could hand it to someone and say "THERE... take the keys to the kingdom".

What was the result?

Remember the little secret I promised you, about those sites? This is it.

That's right. They are my NEW income streams! And not even all of them.

They were born in that 3 months of late 2012. My mission was accomplished!

Started late 2012. Profiting big As. We. Speak.

I could have showed you my income from 2011, or 2012, but that's irrelevant.

What you saw at the top of this page was the income streams I built at rapid pace, in the current internet, profiting in 2013, at this time when some people said "affiliate marketing was dead".

(sorry, that had been building up in me for a while)

I knew my system worked. But I had always known. That wasn't enough for me...

I had to prove that other people could do what I did.

I had to prove that even with NO expertise, NO experience, NO existing knowledge whatsoever someone could take this and start generating an income online fast...

That's why I started the BIG experiment...

So I'm back from 3 months in Thailand now. It's November 2012.

I'm feeling pretty proud. My new little income streams are purring, I certainly don't need any more money, so now it's time to put this formula to the HARDEST test...

I told some friends about my new system, and one of them asked me to speak at a conference about it.

So I did...

At this conference, I opened up a small private coaching club, and I invited a group of very new online marketers to try the formula, and see if they could make it work.

I mean, we started from scratch. The members of this group had NO existing assets or experience with these methods whatsoever.

What happened next was amazing to say the least...
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