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Justin Brooke - Media Buying Masters(2016)

Justin Brooke - Media Buying Masters(2016)

Discover how to make any ad network profitable with proven strategies gained from over 5,000 ad campaigns.
Now You Can Turn Campaigns You "Paused" Into Profitable Winners
Have you ever had to pause an ad campaign?

Maybe because it wasn't making enough money, or worse losing money?

What if I could show you how to turn all those paused campaigns into big winners?

Over the last 10 years I've created 5,000+ ad campaigns, and there is one thing I've learned that is certain with all campaigns.

It doesn't matter how good you are, eventually sh** will hit the fan.

It's like death and taxes, it will always happen.

You want to know what's rare? Having a huge success the first time you create an ad campaign.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for ad campaigns to fail. Sometimes they fail on day one and sometimes they do great for awhile but die off suddenly.

You painfully already know this is true.

The ability to turn these failing ad campaigns back into cash cows is what separates the sheep from the wolves.

Not having this skill prevents you from growing your business as fast as you wish it would.

Not having this skill is very literally costing you money.

Maybe you shy away from trying other ad networks like Taboola or Google Display because you're worried you'll lose money.

Maybe you've been scared to spend more than $100/day because you're worried you won't be able to stop the losses if a campaign doesn't work right away.

If you knew how to fix failing campaigns, that wouldn't be a problem any more would it???

If you had a process for turning flops into fortunes, you could be fearless with your ad spend. Instead of fearful. By knowing how the pro's turn around dying ad campaigns, you could have steady sales instead of good months and bad months.

This Is What Is Missing From Every Marketing Course You've Ever Bought

Deep down you know there is something missing.

You know there is a missing piece that is keeping you chained to the desk, while others seem to make millions effortlessly.

You know that you cannot scale by just working harder or longer. Nor do you want to!!!

You can sense that there is a secret or a missing piece that no one is telling you about. I don't think you're crazy. I recently found out for myself what that missing piece was.

I first learned that there was something missing when my employees needed me to keep rescuing their campaigns.

As an ad agency owner, I have to hire guys to run ad campaigns for our clients. The way I would train these guys is through buying them all the best marketing courses.

I even take them to the best marketing seminars with me.

Still I constantly had to rescue their campaigns. When a campaign would start tanking, they didn't know how to turn it around.

I would have to swoop in and do their job for them. Which was to save the ad campaign from failure, and turn it back into a profitable winner.

This is what made me realize, none of the courses are teaching this.

They are great at teaching you how to setup a campaign.

Or how to use the ad network.

But they only show the easy stuff. They don't teach you what to do when things go wrong.

You Have To Start Making Data-Driven Decisions Instead of Emotional Ones

Rookie media buyers are too emotional. They guess at what they should write in their ads.

They guess at who they should target with their ads.

They guess at what keywords they should bid on.

Worst of all they let fear into their campaign decisions causing them to turn off campaigns that should have kept running.

Have you ever turned off an ad campaign after just one or two days because you got worried that it wasn't working? Many rookies make that mistake. Instead they should know how to read the data in their campaigns to guide their next decisions.

If you're relying on emotions and reactions to drive your campaigns, you'll be all over the place. You're basically playing a more expensive version of the lottery.

With data-driven decisions, instead of it being a lottery, it's like a ball of clay that you can shape into a masterpiece.

You Have To Stop "Winging It" And Start Using Campaign Frameworks

Rookie media buyers are always "winging it."

Every ad campaign they set up is pretty much just another set of guesses. At best they maybe looked at some other business ads for inspiration, but they HAVE NO CLUE if those ads are actually working.

During my days of running a highly sought after ad agency, I learned the importance of campaign frameworks and systems.

If you want to have consistent results you must have consistent processes.

Just like if you cook a big pot of chilli, if you throw different ingredients every time then it's going to taste different every time.

You will never be successful at media buying until you learn the importance of clean account structure and relying on campaign frameworks.

And The #1 Secret of The Pro's Is Optimizing The Micro-Conversions

Do you know the difference between a micro and a macro conversion?

A sale is a macro-conversion.

So is a new lead.

However, there are many micro-conversions that lead up to a sale or a lead. For example, "impression > click" or "click > consumption." There are many micro-conversions.

Knowing how to identify and analyze the micro-conversions is what lets you turn dying campaigns into thriving cash machines.

It's like a mechanic and a car. If someone's car isn't starting they don't just throw it out. The mechanic looks at a series of events to diagnose how to fix the car so it can keep running.

Instead of just giving up when an ad campaign fails, micro-conversions allow you to be able to work on your ad campaigns. Just like a mechanic fixes a car instead of throwing it away.

Where Can You Get This Kind of "Career-Building" Level Training on Digital Media Buying?

For Agency Owners, Marketing Directors, Media Buyers, VP's of Marketing, etc.

When you look around for courses about paid traffic, most of it is made for affiliate marketers or MLM'ers.

What if you are an agency owner though? What if you are an employee responsible for your companies online ad campaigns? What if you are a marketing director or CMO looking for training for your team?

If you're looking for serious training that you can confidently bet your career on, then you're going to love Media Buying Masters.

This 28 video course was developed with the intention of being a career boosting media buying course. Strong enough for the business owner and simple enough for the new employee.

If you want to gain the mindset of a pro media buyer
Be able to turn failing ad campaigns around
Evergreen strategies that don't become outdated in 6 months
Learn to read the story your campaign data is trying to tell you
Discover campaign frameworks that protect your ad spend
And how to leverage micro-conversions for increased profit
Then buying Media Buying Masters today, will be one of the best decisions you make all year.
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