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Ten-Minute Meditations for Less Stress and More Joy

Ten-Minute Meditations for Less Stress and More Joy

Are you curious about meditation but aren't sure how to start?

Do you want to reduce stress and have more clarity, focus, and overall joy in your life?

Maybe you've tried meditating in the past but had trouble sitting still or keeping up with your racing thoughts?

In this course, you'll learn how to meditate in the best possible way: by practicing meditation.

You'll get the opportunity to learn about and experience several meditation styles and techniques so you can find the one that works best for you.

These meditations are no more than ten minutes long so they can easily fit into your day.

With clear, logical, and straightforward explanations you will learn about the benefits and challenges of meditation, the proper technique for sitting and how to be still, and what to do with your mind and those racing thoughts.

There is also a shorter two-minute "desk meditation" for breaks at the office - or just or those days when you are short on time.

By the end of this course, you'll understand the basics of meditation and have everything you need to meditate whenever you like.

Here's to better sleep, a sharp and focused mind, and a more peaceful life!

In this course we will look at:

The benefits of meditation.
Some of the common challenges faced in meditation.
Tips for how to start a meditation practice.
Several different meditation styles: Focus, Walking, Vipassana, Mantra, Metta or Lovingkindness, and Zero meditation.
How to create a space and time for meditation.
What to wear for meditation.
What to eat - or not eat - before meditation.
Props for sitting meditation.
How to sit properly and comfortably for meditation.
What to do with racing thoughts.
How to handle challenging emotions that can arise during meditation.
Several ten-minute guided meditations: Breath, Mantra, Metta or Lovingkindness, and Object.
A shorter two-minute desk meditation for the office or when you have less time.
A ten-minute non-guided meditation with only background music so you can practice on your own.
Classes, workshops, and retreats to deepen your learning and practice of meditation.
A list of meditation resources.
And more.

How to sign up:

Simply click the green "Take This Course" button on the top right-hand side of this page to start learning about meditation.

Other benefits:

This course is available on-demand - which means you can access it anytime.

This course is 100% refundable for the first thirty days if for some reason you are not satisfied (and please let me know if you aren't - I am always open to feedback.)

You will have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions.

What are the requirements?

An interest in learning how to meditate
Optional pillow, cushion, blanket, or chair for meditation
Optional journal for recording thoughts and observations

What am I going to get from this course?

Know how to practice meditation
Possess the necessary tools and techniques to make meditation a regular part of your life
Enjoy the benefits of meditation
Know how to start your own meditation practice
Know what to do with racing thoughts
Understand the main benefits of meditation
Be familiar with and know how to address some of the common challenges faced in meditation
Learn several well-known meditation techniques
Learn how to create a time and space for meditation
Learn what to wear and eat for meditation
Learn about basic meditation props that assist with sitting
Know how to sit properly in meditation
Understand what to do with discomfort from sitting
Have the skill to address challenging emotions that can arise during meditation
Understand the basics of meditation
Have a list of meditation resources for further study
Learn about meditation classes, workshops, and retreats

What is the target audience?

Anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate
Beginning meditators with no experience
Seasoned meditators looking for a refresher
Meditation teachers who would like resources for their students
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