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Infinite Skills: Mastering Desktop 3D Printing with Simplify3D Training Video
Infinite Skills: Mastering Desktop 3D Printing with Simplify3D Training Video
Duration 3h Project Files Included MP4

When the average person uses a desktop 3D printer to make finished physical objects, they are overwhelmed with decisions on profiles, settings, speeds, and materials. This, says 3D printing expert Richard Horne, almost always results in failure.
In this course, Horne explains everything you need to know about using Simplify3D to produce the highest quality desktop 3D printed models without wasting materials or your time. Understanding the Simplify3D software is the main focus of this course, but the information covered is useful to anyone seriously interested in desktop 3D printing.
- Master Simplify3D - the 3D printing processing software compatible with most desktop 3D printers
- Learn to import, scale, rotate, preview, slice, and repair 3D models before you print
- Understand how to tune and calibrate desktop 3D printers for best results and speeds
- Learn the essential settings for different types of materials and different types of objects
- Identify and correct problems in the desktop 3D printing process that waste materials and time
- Understand settings for layering, support, dual extrusion, Gcode, nozzle sizing, and more
- Gain the confidence in 3D printing required to experiment with new materials, settings, and complex model printing

Table of Contents
01. Introduction
02. Setup And Configuration
03. Importing And Preparing 3D Models For Printing
04. Configuration Of Essential Print Process Settings
05. Configuration Of Further Print Process Settings
06. Dual Extruder Machine Settings
07. Generating 3D Print Files, Verification, And 3D Printing
08. Thank You
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