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Dr David M Brady - The Fibro-Fix Summit (2016)

Dr David M Brady - The Fibro-Fix Summit (2016)


Hi this is Dr Daivd Brady, your host for the Fibro-Fix Summit. I've spent the better part of my over 20 years in clinical practice, dealing with patients with fibromyalgia and other disorders that have been inappropriately diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

I've put together some of the world's leading experts in this topic both researches and academics, as well as clinical practitioners, to bring you the most current up to date evidence based knowledge on this somewhat mystifying disorder that so many healthcare providers seem so confused about.

In this summit you are going to learn what is fibromyalgia really. What is this processing disorder of pain in the central nervous system all about, what causes it, and further more and more importantly, what can you do about it.

There are many people out there suffering with achiness, with fatigue, with anxiety and depression, unrefreshed sleep, vague intestinal problems. These are real problems, make no mistake about it, even though you may have had experiences seeing doctors or healthcare providers who doubted your sincerity, that's not what this summit is about, but it is about helping you find out exactly what may be wrong with you. Whether it's true classic fibromyalgia or the many disorders that get inappropriately confused with fibromyalgia.

I look forward to helping you become your best health advocate, as you navigate this difficult health care system for people who either have fibromyalgia or have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia because of chronic ongoing symptoms.
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