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Velocity 2016 Santa Clara was a an intense exposition of how to build, test, maintain, protect, and scale fast, resilient, and highly available websites and apps. 122 speakers from companies like Etsy, Twitter, Cisco, New Relic, Pivotal, SOASTA, Verizon, Akami, Chef, Datadog, Google, Facebook, Fastly, WeiRuan-->WeiRuan, PagerDuty, and more offered their hard-earned, lessons-learned expertise across 22 keynotes, 14 tutorials and 69 sessions.

Velocity 2016 - Santa Clara, California: Video Compilation
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Released: July 2016
Run time: 59 hours 26 minutes

Organizational Optimization 07:19:54

Rock stars, builders, and janitors: You're doing it wrong - Alice Goldfuss (New Relic) 00:40:37

Incident management for DevOps - Part 1 - Rob Schnepp, Chris Hawley, Ron Vidal (Blackrock 3 Partners) 00:58:41

Incident management for DevOps - Part 2 - Rob Schnepp, Chris Hawley, Ron Vidal (Blackrock 3 Partners) 00:58:21

OODA, maps, and antifragility: A case study in pragmatism - Aneel Lakhani (SignalFx) 00:33:42

Dealing with anxiety in operations - Justin Lintz (Spring) 00:39:02

Maslow's hierarchy of needs for databases - Charity Majors (Honeycomb) 00:40:54

Do you want to be an Ops manager - Alex Nobert (Flynn) 00:41:20

Lessons from the dark side: DevOps and product management - David Shackelford (PagerDuty)00:41:15

Troubleshooting without losing common ground - Dan Slimmon (Exosite) 00:37:40

Building a user-centric Ops, support, and engineering team - Peter van Hardenberg (Heroku)



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