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PCap to XML and SQLiteWAP ChallengesReal World PentestingAirodump-NG Scan Visualizer
Pentester Academy - PCap to XML and SQLite/WAP Challenges/Real World Pentesting/Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer | 1.5 GB

PCAP2XML is a tool suite which takes 802.11 PCAP trace files as input and can convert them into XML or SQLITE representations. This allows a pentester to run arbitrary queries on the packet header fields. Please watch the introduction video for examples.
WAP Challenges
In case you are new to web application security, please note that we have already started posting the videos of our Web Application Security Course. However, this section is independent of that course.
Real World Pentesting
This video series covers the actual process of penetration testing. Learn all of the steps involved from finding a job as a penetration tester, scoping both a network and web application pentest project, performing the engagement, threat modeling, and reporting. This video series covers everything that you need to know so that you can begin performing your own professional quality penetration tests.
Here is the flow of topics which will be covered in this short course:
The Pentest Process
Passive Recon
Quick Hits
External Scanning - the old way
External Scanning - headache detection
Network Vulnerability Scanning
Web App Vulnerability Scanning
Threat Modelling and Reporting
This course will teach you the end-to-end process of starting with the requirements of the pentest to doing threat modelling and reporting
Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer
Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer allows you to filter, sort and visualize Airodump-NG scan data. The tool currently uses the CSV file generated by Airodump-NG with the -w option and can work locally or as a hosted service.
A non-exhaustive list of features include:
Sort and Filter by ESSID, Channel, Encryption, Clients, Probed SSIDs etc.
Visualize Wi-Fi data using Bar/Pie charts
Export data, Take Screenshots, Annotate data
... many others

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