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15 Weeks Ear Training Program With Tomi Paldanius
15 weeks Ear Training Program with Tomi Paldanius
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Let me introduce a new way to learn music that I am very much proud of. Play What You Hear Program is like dream come true for me as a teacher because having students who are willing to try this out and believe that it actually works is humbling. Especially when there is so much information around to choose from. But the "trick" is that it is not about how much information you have in your hands. I used to collect hard drives full of instructional videos, tabs and sheet music. That did not make me a great player or music lover. Maybe opposite because I did not know what he actually needed and I got frustrated. You can google thousands of tabs, videos, books. The question you should ask is: What kind information and skills you need and how you should use them to enjoy music and learning? I will tell the answer in few minutes.
What skills you need to play what you hear?
This is the tricky part because we sometimes want to be world champions over night. It won't happen in sports and it won't happen in music. You need to understand that this will feel almost impossible first. It is like learning to ride a bicycle. If you've never done it, you will fail with first try. you will fail with second try. you will probably fail with third and fourth try.BUT.someday it will CLICK! And that is what is going to happen with Play What You Hear Program. It will CLICK after you've done for awhile. You don't need those funny looking help wheels anymore. You can ride your bicycle to all these great places the rest of your life.
I have this skill and I can say that I can learn any song I wants by listening. And it is the best skill I have ever learned. I made it and many of my students got there also. As a teacher with 20 years of experience I will take the responsibility to set up the fire and inspiration with several music examples and so much information that you don't need to buy another book or search another tab to learn a song.
What the Play What You Hear Program does for you is that it will widen your knowledge for example of simple 4 chord progressions. You will start to hear music and use the knowledge the program gives you.
"I know how to do it" but "I don't know what to do with it"
Many guitar players know alot of things and have answers to many written questions. It is very good to know things but there is very succesful artists who know only few chords and know what to do with them to reach audience emotionally. Like in previous was only G - D - Em - C, you most certainly know them but do you really know what you can do with them? If you do.please be extremely happy because you can entertain your listeners and audience with hundreds of songs.
Fun continues.
After couple first groups the feedback has been great and the actual testimonials are so rewarding that I am very much motivated to teach more groups. It does not matter are you a beginner or a guitar play who has played 30 years, we all have same goal: to play beautiful music, spend great time together and enjoy life.

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