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CG Blog - Collection Tutorial Pack
CG Blog - Collection Tutorial Pack
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In this training we will analyze “70\'s Style Room". In this scene we use a Studio Light, using 3 V-Ray Lights as: primary, secondary and reflecion light. Also learn V-Ray materials and especially Dof effect with V-Ray Physical Camera.

Topics Covered
Create studio lighting with 3 V-Ray Lights
Create light herarchy
Balance intensity and temperature
Create different V-Ray Materials
Plastic, metal chrome, rubber
Download a pdf guide for simple materials
Control overexposure
Create different styles
Use V-Ray Physical camera
Create DOF effect
Use V-Ray Real Time
Balance f number and shutter speed
Use photoshop for postproduction
Create professional vintage effect
Create different vintage effects

In this training we will analyze "Delicate Room", In a room with a small window, natural and artificial lights need to be mixed. Also learn how to manage carpets, floors, curtains. Recover overexposures without render again.

Topics Covered
Learn how to balance lights in V-Ray
Setup V-Ray Physical Camera
Light Hierarchy
Combine V-Ray Sun + V-Ray Light + Spot lights
How to use V-Ray Real Time
Modify V-Ray Sun shadows
Create a chromatic contrast
Simulate curtain and carpets
How to use VRay2Sided material
Fall off for opacity
How to use Hair and Fur modifier
Comb your carpet with “guides”
Final render with FINAL-preset
Use V-Ray Frame buffer to correct the exposure
Postproduction technique for overexposures
5 HD videos / 3 Lessons / 175Mb to download
BONUS for Premium members: Shot2 | Max + Psd

PS: This training not cover modeling, this training is about rendering lessons that you can follow with the videos and html files.

CG Blog - Collection Tutorial Pack

CG Blog - Collection Tutorial Pack


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