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Dr. Paul Dobransky - Depresculinity [10 AVi, 2 VOB]

Dr. Paul Dobransky - Depresculinity [10 AVi, 2 VOB]

Based on his Men's Depresculinity Mastery Live Training Seminar, Dr. Paul Dobransky (Dr. Paul) has packaged his seminar into a CD/DVD program.

The program addresses a core issue men in their dating lives, efforts to succeed in their careers, as well as having a fulfilling life.

The concept and name "Depresculinity" is based on "depression" and "masculinity". Instead of using medical treatments, the program works on developing a great relationship or dating life.

Dr. Paul Dobransky is a licensed psychiatrist with 20 years experience treating patients in this area.

Inner Game & Confidence
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Learning Format:
DVD (Video)
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Dr. Paul Dobransky
Men's Psychology
Release Date:
May 01, 2011
Price: $497.00

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:
- What is depresculinity?
- The Three Brains
- Positive and Negative Emotions
- The Equation of Masculinity
- The Anger Map
- Masculine Skills and Needs
- The Wasteland of Depresculinity
- The Hero's Journey
- Bonus Material

It's Never Been Recognized Before, or even Addressed... Until Now...

Chances are that you aren't clinically depressed, or even "sad."

But chances also are that you don't feel fantastic about your life, your work, or your relationships with women.

Guess what? It's not your fault really... There is something MAJOR happening in our culture. The Depresculinity Program addresses it, deals with it, and before you know it you will be back to feeling the way you were always supposed to - vital, passionate, "really living," and feeling "like a man again."
It's FINALLY ready to ship, IMMEDIATELY.
You always knew there ought to be a name for it - the state of mind suffered only by men, related to women and or work... and not be fully living.
We have a word to coin. One that's likely been in your life at some point, if only for a day, or a week, or a month. It blocked your ability to meet women, but not to be out and about socially. It thwarted your sense of pride in your work, but not enough to prevent you from getting out of bed every morning to take the bus to that office cubicle.
It's DEPRESCULINITY - an interesting word, isn't it?
You already know what it means I suspect. If you are a man, you have very likely felt it at some point of your life, if even for an hour or a day or a week.
As the name might imply, it has something to do with "depression," and also something to do with "masculinity," which is of course of interest to men. It is a situation specific to men and which only men would find themselves in.
This is not a newsletter or a site for actual healthcare. It's about discussing issues that are important to men. In kind, leaving aside clinical diagnoses, I'm sure there was a time in your life that you just felt bad about yourself, about how your life is going, you wish there had been more for you, and you maybe didn't even have the words for what you were experiencing.
It didn't feel like something you felt the desire to go get checked - it just felt "blah," like you could still go to work, socialize or have friendships, but there was just a gnawing sensation that "something was missing" for you.
The Wasteland
These times were challenging, where the hero doubts himself, is on the losing end of his quest, and is very uncertain about what to do to overcome the setback, or how things will turn out.
If you've ever wondered about this and what to call it, chances are you were suffering from a hit to both your self-esteem - felt sad or angry or fearful - and ALSO felt a hit to your very sense of masculinity itself. Your identity as a man who feels solidly on his own two feet.
That's what I'm calling Depresculinity, and there's no medicine for it (because it's about your specific social and career challenges, not a clinical set of symptoms.)
There's no routine advice about it that applies to everyone in a cookie-cutter way (it does not apply to women.)
Depresculinity needs to be recognized for what it is - something that happens in the actual narrative story of your life, and which one could say takes specific masculine skills and competence - male life lessons - with which to overcome it.
These are the type of skills and lessons that a father might deliver.
Like the material in the Mature Masculine Power Program, it has to do with initiation into being a man, and with your sense of mastering those skills socially, vocationally, and personally that one could say are specific to men only.
Let's look a little more closely at what's at work, and what's at stake in this situation we are calling, "Depresculinity."

Depression is quite well-known of course in terms of what causes it, cures it, or at least tries to, but that's not what we are talking about here. For that, go to a local professional. Instead, we are talking about a vague sense that something isn't quite working for you, that you feel like you could be more vigorous, vital, and excited about who you are, and that feeling you sense to be something only men in the same shoes share with you.
If you looked to your emotions, you might feel a bit sad, and perhaps also just abit worried or concerned, but not enough so as to feel that you need to take off work - there are bills to pay after all. Not enough that you stop socializing or talking to friends - they actually make you feel quite a bit better, at least when you are around them in person.
This experience of sadness and of worry or fear are looked at in great detail in the Anger Map and Anxiety Map of the MindOS Mastery Program.
In there, you find that it's self-esteem we are talking about - what I define as both a sense of well-being, and of confidence in equal measures. Yet you know well that walking around with poor self-esteem is not necessarily something that can get labelled an out-and-out DEPRESSION.
It's not THAT severe a problem emotionally, but you just sense that it DOES impact your life, your performance, both in terms of women and work.
And that's where what I call the "Equation of Masculinity" walks in...

Masculinity is a word you have certainly heard, and always kind of knew what it meant, at least in general. A kind of energy, or vitality, but also something to do with your sense of identity as a man. You know that it is a good thing for a man to have, and feels terrible when diminished, or otherwise "cut off from" being available in you at the ready.
We actually try to go far more into PRECISELY defining it, breaking it into its working parts, showing how they interconnect and support the other components of it, and revolutionize the power and effectiveness of your life - in the Mature Masculine Power Program.
However you have defined the word in the past, or if you've never bothered, it has something to do with this equation:

Masculinity = Skill With Women + Progress on a Career Mission
There it is, right from the MMP training program.
There is a LOT built into this equation even though it looks like a simple thing. I said, "simple," not "simplistic."
When you have learned something new about women, or appealed to them more than before, it feels pretty good, doesn't it? You might even say it feels GREAT. In fact, it's beyond great - it feels like being completely alive, completely passionate about life - much like falling in love.
Likewise, when you make progress in your career - something major, like a raise, a new job more attuned to who you are, or even something minor and subtle (a bigger office, a title just a bit more like what you always wanted to grow up to be when you were a boy, it feels good, right?
No, beyond good. It's great! No, it feels like "really living," like being ALIVE, feeling passionate about life itself. It's good to be alive.
It turns out that all the things we know as masculine are also built in here - a sense of leadership and territory, an ambition to WIN in competition, a need to be on a team all striving for the same goal. They are here too.
It's just that "winning" a game of checkers, or "owning" your half of a shared bathroom as a roommate, or being on a knitting "team" don't carry anywhere near as "OOMPH" as "winning" a new job, or "winning over" the woman you have liked for months, "owning" your first house or the business you run, or being out with other single friends meeting women, or a sports team that just won the regional community hockey championship.
Now THOSE get you feeling ALIVE and full of passion for life.
Clearly, the variables in the equation matter - those specific variables. While competition, territory, rank, teamwork, and leadership are all part of being a man, what they are applied to makes all the difference in terms of feeling what we mean by this word, "passion."
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