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ADSR Sounds Working with Pitch in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | June 13 2016 | 405 MB
In this 8-part course, Jonny Strinati gets you one the path to working with pitch like a pro using Logic Pro X. From detecting pitch to tuning samples, drums and vocals, you'll get all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to ensure your music sounds coherent and your individual elements always sound naturally in tune
Working with Pitch in Logic Pro X features 1.5 hours of practical tuition focused on skills that are absolutely critical for any producer, whatever style or genre you may be working in.
Detecting Picth & Working with Samples
Video 1 - Detecting The Pitch of Samples
> discover="" a="" number="" of="" different="" methods="" you="" can="" use="" in="" logic="" pro="" x="" to="" detect="" the="" pitch="" of="" a="" sample="" or="" piece="" of="">>>
Video 2 - Detecting the Pitch of Polyphonic Material
> unfortunately="" logic="" doesn't="" have="" a="" tool="" for="" analysing="" chords,="" but="" there="" are="" some="" neat="" external="" plugins="" that="" can="" help.="" in="" this="" video="" you="" will="" learn="" how="" to="" use="" a="" (very="" affordable)="" plug-in="" called="" 'chord="" detector'="" by="" ddmf="" to="" analyse="" chords="" and="" polyphonic="">>>
Video 3 - Tuning Samples
> there="" are="" various="" ways="" you="" can="" tune="" and="" pitch="" samples="" in="" logic="" pro="" x,="" in="" this="" video="" you'll="" do="" just="" that="" using="" the="" plug-ins="" pitch="" shifter,="" pitch="" correction,="" exs24,="" ultrabeat,="" flex="" pitch="" &="" flex="">>>
Video 4 - Using Alchemy as a Sampler
> walk="" through="" how="" you="" can="" use="" alchemy="" as="" a="" sampler="" and="" how="" to="" import="" and="" work="" with="" both="" individual="" audio="" samples="" and="" audio="">>>
Drums, Vocals, Rexing and More...
Video 5 - In Key Bass Drums
> an="" essential="" lesson="" on="" different="" methods="" for="" creating="" bass="" drums="" that="" are="" in="" key="" with="" our="">>>
Video 6 - Vocal Tuning and Closer Look at Flex Pitch
> take="" a="" closer="" look="" at="" the="" flex="" pitch="" mode="" and="" discover="" how="" you="" can="" use="" the="" flex="" pitch="" controls="" to="" fine="" tune="" vocal="">>>
Video 7 - Musical EQ
> in="" this="" video="" you'll="" learn="" how="" to="" use="" what="" you've="" learnt="" from="" note="" frequencies="" to="" tune="" and="" musically="" eq="" some="" 808="" drum="">>>
Video 8 - Rexing Drum Loops using EXS24
> in="" the="" final="" video="" in="" this="" series="" we="" throw="" back="" to="" an="" old="" school="" method="" of="" chopping="" up="" drum="" loops="" known="" as="" 'rexing'.="" you'll="" learn="" how="" to="" do="" this="" via="" the="" exs24="" sampler="" and="" pick="" up="" different="" methods="" for="" editing="" and="" working="" with="" drums="" when="" chopped="" and="" tuned="" in="" this="">>>
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