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Guitar Zoom - Play Acoustic Now (2016)

Guitar Zoom - Play Acoustic Now (2016)
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This is your opportunity to finally learn how to play the acoustic guitar like it was meant to be played and you'll do it by learning from the most popular guitar teacher on the planet!
Here's How Play Acoustic Now Will Help YOU

-You'll have a whole new sense of freedom on the guitar
-You'll finally have the ability to play what you want
-Your playing will have confidence, fluidity, power and energy
-Breakthrough the barrier in your learning and fall in love with guitar all over again
-You'll be a better overall musician because you'll master the techniques, styles, devices and tricks that are needed to master the acoustic guitar
-You'll be finally be able to play THOSEl songs you've always avoided because you didn't think you were "good enough"

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Learn in Play Acoustic Now

Module 1

Module 1 is all about getting the beginner acoustic guitar player off to the right start. If you have been playing guitar for a little while, definitely check out this section as well as Steve has a lot of great tips and tricks you may not have known. Once Steve covers the basics, he gets in to some more advanced techniques.

-10 Essential Chords
-Chord Extentions
-String Control
-Tips and Tricks to make your chord changes smooth
-How to choose the right guitar pick
-How to pick the right string gauge for your acoustic guitar

Module 2

In Module 2, Steve continues the exploration of the acoustic guitar with barre chords, power chords, adding lead lines to your playing and exploring the fretboard in ways you never thought of. You'll also learn:

-How to spice up your playing with lead fills
-How to effectively use a capo
-String slapping and body tapping to add a percussive element to your playing
-How to spice up your chords with chord fragments for a fresh new sound to your playing
-Rhythm techniques to develop an organic method to your strumming

Module 3

Module 3 is all about basic guitar theory. Steve covers the basics that you need to effectively understand "why" it is what you are playing. You will also learn how to use this knowledge to effectively improvise your guitar playing so you have the creative tools to create your own unique sounds. Topics include:

-Inside out picking
-Ways of up scooping and how this picking method will make a HUGE difference in your playing
-Hammer ons and pull offs
-Popular song examples for you to practice your new skills

Module 4

Module 4 is all about picking and arpeggios. Many songs pick out the individual notes of a chord instead of strumming them and Steve is going to teach you how to master effective picking through some very popular song examples. You'll also learn:

-Minor pentatonic
-Major pentatonic
-Blues scale
-Hybrid scales

Module 5

Throw away your guitar pick because Module 5 is all about finger picking. Steve is going to explore the world of finger picking and teach you the fundamentals of mastering finger picking. You'll discover:

-The most common finger picking patterns
-The double bass technique
-Rhythmic variation
-A popular song that ties all of these techniques together

Module 6

In Module 6, Steve is going to teach you the most popular scales in the world and how you can use them in your acoustic guitar playing. You'll discover:

-Creating melody through repetition
-The minor pentatonic scale
-The major pentatonic scale
-Vertical and horizontal movement
-Adding color tones to your scales

Module 7

In Module 7, Steve will show you a whole host of exciting techniques that will add dimension, interest and sophistication to your guitar playing. He also offers tips to make your playing sound more fluid and professional. You'll also learn:

-Muting techniques
-String control
-How to play octaves
-Vocal elements
-Picking techniques

Module 8

In Module 8, Steve is going to teach you the exciting playing style of slide guitar. Slide guitar is an exciting way of creating cool sounds on your acoustic guitar

Steve will teach you:

-The best type of slide to use
-How to set up your guitar to get the best tone when playing slide
-Tips and techniques to make you sound like a slide master
-Popular song examples to practice your new slide guitar skills

Module 9

In Module 9, Steve teaches you 4 alternate tunings using popular songs from bands like Led Zeppelin,Goo Goo Dolls, and Black Crows to help you create exciting new sounds and chord forms that arent possible with standard tuning.

Steve will teach you:

-Open E Tuning
-Drop D Tuning

Module 10

Steve saved the best for last. In module 10, you'll put everything together that you learned in Play Acoustic Now and you'll get to jam with Steve through some fun and interactive jam tracks that Steve recorded. You'll trade rhythms and licks with Steve using all of the exciting techniques that you learned throughout Play Acoustic Now.

Steve will also discuss:

-The best gear and resources to help you succeed in your guitar playing
-Stretching and other warmups to keep your hands in good shape
-Jam tracks and play alongs with Steve to tie everything together

This course will make you a better, smarter and more creative guitar player who will have COMPLETE freedom to express whatever idea, emotion, story etc through your guitar and to your audience.

No other guitar course out there captures such an amazing collection tips, techniques and song lessons for the acoustic guitar AND taught by the world's #1 guitar teacher! Through Play Acoustic Now, Steve will give you the freedom on the acoustic guitar that you have always wanted.

Content Runtime: Approx 7 Hours 10 Minutes

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