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Native Instruments Super-Ultra-Mega-Extreme-Maschine Expansion Bundle of Joy

Native Instruments Super-Ultra-Mega-Extreme-Maschine Expansion Bundle of Joy

Here we have every expansion i have uploaded here all in one place, plus the main Factory Library for Maschine 2. We have done so well with member contributed expansions. This just goes to show what a good community can do with a little leadership, requests, and someone willing to take some time to put it all together. Bravo. This is how its done.
IMPORTANT- INSTALL Maschine 2 Factory 1.1.0 Update LAST!!!!

Native Instruments (obviously)

R2R for cracking Maschine 2
a user who wants to be Anonymous
Saint for creating this wonderful site, and approving/editing a post or two of mine
Catalyst for helping with posts and files
Xsze for being a good ol' pal
Whoever approves my posts (Artic? Valter?)
Those providing mirrors
Those who followed my requests for using their own links on other sites
Those who grabbed my posts
Those that asked questions
KontaktGuru/Introninja for various help and love
Crappy for helping with PC user stuff and packaging links #3 (will be up soon)

This is a community project in a whole. near 85% of all the expansions i posted were provided/donated by members. So be gracious and thankful for their work and effort, they didnt need to help but decided to help everyone. Without them or myself, you wouldnt have these expansions yet. If ever (though doubtful).

This will ONLY work in Maschine 2.0.6 R2R.

Read 'In-***ing-Structions'
-YOU MAY NEED to edit the plist in non-ISO's to match your filesystems setup (hard drive name), i may upload PlistEdit Pro if people really have trouble. Its simple. i did it. I am not a wizard. Just the son of Houdini.

-I have talked with two PC users and they both say that my files/iso/exes work for them with no issues. This should be near universal for PC users.

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