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Blues legend B.B. King offers a chance to master the guitar by studying his technique up close. For both beginners and adepts, he presents his
thoughts, theories, and--most importantly--his style on such elements as bending, picking, phrasing, chords, scales, slides, and harmonics. Also
includes performances of a few of his greatest hits.

Every guitarist should know at least the basics of how to play like B.B. King. His approach is amazingly simple fundamentally; you don't need a ton
of technique to do what B.B. does. What most people have a problem with is understanding, and replicating B.B.'s thoroughly musical approach;
communicating non-verbally with an audience, making a guitar "speak", and knowing that four or five notes, played a certain way, are all that are
needed to make an emotional impact.

To help us get a glimpse into the way B.B. plays (and thinks), Warner Bros. Video has released the truly insightful instructional guitar video B.B.
King Blues Master that documents the guitar style of this true American legend. What follows is a review of the B.B. King Blues Master instructional

What Is Included in the Instructional Video?

Although this DVD is filled with documentation on how King approaches soloing, with specific examples, it is broken into a number of distinct themes.
The videos are broken down as follows.

Theme 1:Includes documentation of B.B.'s vibrato, bending, picking, influences, phrasing, and equipment.

Theme 2: Illustrates the style and technique of B.B. King, his use of chords, arpeggios, dynamics, warm-ups, and his signature phrases.

Theme 3: Covers B.B.'s use of scales, slides, harmonic concepts, classic licks, and his methods of playing over changes.

B.B. King's style is clearly on display throughout the video - even if he's not discussing, for example, his use of vibrato, it is plain to see and
understand whenever he plays his guitar. Even novice guitarists will find something to learn from here.

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