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HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to scenes that include both bright and dark elements. It may be the sun, reflecting on water with some dark shadows in the tree lines, or a person standing in front the glare of an open window. When taking photographs of scenes like these, unlike the human eye, cameras need typically a little extra help to get that done.

Learn To Shoot And Process HDR Photographs Like The Pros!

HDR photography is traditionally done by taking multiple photos of with the exact same composition but with different exposure settings and then merging them all together as one photo. This may sound difficult and daunting but John's comprehensive video training course will make it simple and even better, inspirational as he walks you through the complete process, from the basic camera functions to the creation of awesome images.

By The End Of This Course

The details and techniques of taking your HDR shots will be second nature!
You will process with ease and inspiration to create awesome HDR images!
And finally you will know how to complete that final edit, creating the best photographs that you could ever want!
"I designed this HDR course so that it would be personable, inspirational and easily understood by absolute beginners"

Complete with working files, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor!

I am a big believer in shooting from the heart and that those things that are closest to it, right where you live will more than likely produce your finest images. For this course the works used are defiantly close to my heart starting with images shot at the Kingsley Plantation about 10 miles from my home and then moving on to the some of rapidly disappearing wood hulled shrimp boats from my Evanescent Trawlers of the South project.

I have been shooting HDR since 2007 and my work is online at Adams Views Imaging.

HDR Photography For Beginners



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