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Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0(June 17 UP)

Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0(June 17 UP)


Quick Start - Newbie to $3200 in Seven Days

Case Study - Peter takes a newbie student behind the scenes and shows
you a full-blown case study of how he made $3200 dollars in three days
from scratch.
It's literally laid out "step-by-step". You get to see the exact offer and why they selected it.
You get to see the landing page, you get to see how he split test the headlines,
Split test the images,
Split Test the landing Pages
How to builds out the campaign from scratch
How to optimize the campaign,
You get to see the traffic sources, he reveals everything in this case study.

Warning - You're getting to see a very aggressive offer for a male enhancement product.

However, you get to see a very 'behind-the-scenes' look at the landing page and how this student angles the offer so it sells quickly. You get to see his blog where he sells multiple CPA offers, from skin care, to supplements, to e-commence products. This is absolutely mind blowing how he positions a multitude of CPA offers from one blog.
Breath taking stuff!


Super Affiliate Tracking -$100k >> $1 million >> $10 million and beyond

(Peter spent over $70,000 trying and testing out various "enterprise level" softwares with most failing the test.
Below you get the results of his hard earned dollars so you don't have to spend your own)
Peter takes a behind-the-scenes approach and shows you exactly how the super affiliates think and track AND why you need to start thinking like the super affiliates do.
Why Sub ID's Are Critical To Your CPA Campaigns And How To Set Them Up For Maximum Profitability (Can be the difference between a 22 ROI and over 140% R.O.I)


Solar Panel Case Study - Top Affiliates Are Making Over $10,000 A Day

Watch as Peter takes you behind-the-scenes into one of the most controversial and passionate niches around.


The Ultimate CPA Campaign And Backend Profit Machine

In this module Peter shows you how affiliates become super affiliates.. and eventually become advertisers to ultimately own the game.
The strategies revealed here other super affiliates have gone on to build their empires as advertisers and CPA network owners in excess of $168MM, $350MM,

Mastering Facebook CPA. (Cost Per Action) only for Advanced Users

In this module Peter shows you one of the most advanced features smart marketers are using to completely dominate FB® platform.
This particular strategy is about using CPA bidding on the blue beast platform.
This is one of the most powerful forms of bidding that FB® can give you, as many simply don't use it or know about it.


Building a Traffic Team Like a Boss (If you ever want to create a truly 'hands free business this is for you)

From over 8 to 9 years of 'trial and error" experience, Peter takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you the exact processes on how he built out his team.

The EXACT processes he has created for his students and clients have built out teams over the last 8 to 9 years to eight figures and almost 9 figures!
This is one of the major roadblocks for lots of marketers, lots of entrepreneurs is team building they don't know where to go, or how to go about the process!
Many fail and have their businesses shut down literally overnight because of it!
Hire wrong out of the gate and you will suffer headaches, endless waste of money and months of heartache!
In this "Build a Team Like A Boss" module you will learn.


High Risk Aggressive CPA Offers That The Most Elusive Underground Affiliates Are doing $100,000 Per Day With

Warning, Warning, Warning!
In this module the unthinkable is happening.
This case study it not for the faint of heart, but once again in the last 2 versions of DNA Wealth Blueprint people have been asking to show them an aggressive high risk offer so you'll see how you can push one through the big blue beast.
These are high risk- high reward offers.

Mystery Peter Parks Rock Star Student - Newbie to Super Success
Six Amazing Videos Spread Over 3 Modules

This is a special guest module from Peters "mystery student " - from newbie to massive success. Six videos over 3 modules
" Module 1 - Competitive Intelligence"
" Module 2 -White Hat Vs Blackhat"
" Module 3 - Profitable Campaign Set up"

" Competitive Intelligence"
Discover What's Already Working And How To Make Money Using Competitive Intelligence!
Why To Never Reinvent The Wheel And Exactly How To Profit From Existing Funnels!
How To Do Proper Research Before Starting Any Campaign!
The 2 Ways To Find Out What Works In Building Out Profitable Campaigns!
When To Use Competitive Spy Tools & Manual Spying!
How To Reverse Engineer Traffic Sources And Replicate Similar Campaigns
The Most Specific Questions You Need To Ask Your Affiliate Manager! serves one purpose.(can you guess what that is)
Blackhat Vs Whitehat Module
How to Know When to Go Whitehat Or Blackhat To Best Monetize A Campaign!
How To Get Accepted By Traffic Networks!
How To Cloak For Uncompliant Pages You Want To Promote!
How To Run Aggressive Campaigns That Can Bring A Lucrative Cash-flow!
Learn What Types Of Pages To Never Publish That Networks Won't Allow!
Discover Which Types Of Aggressive CPA Offers That Make The Most Money!
See Exclusive Behind The Scenes Techniques On Tracking URLS And Redirects!
How To Use Tracking IDs and Tokens To Lock-In Your Commissions!
Profitable Campaign Setup
How To Launch Profitable Campaigns Geared To Create Cash Flow!
How To Budget, Test And Scale To Become Profitable!
Learn How Many Variables To Test When Running Campaigns!
Why to Test Tightly And How Many Offers To Start With!
Why To Use 2 Completely Different Styles Of Landing Pages
How To Determine ROI On Campaigns In Relation To Payouts!
How To Become Successful Starting With A Low Budget!
How To Scale Up Faster As You Build Your Ad Budget!

Exclusive Guest Modules from Matt Schmitt - $100,000'S REVENUES using FB + Shopify
5 Incredible Videos Over Three Modules

Special Guest Modules By Matt Schmitt.
Matt is a master of selling $100,000's of revenue on shopify using FB ads.
He has generously contributed 6 videos over 3 modules.
Module 1 - Niche Product Selection - 2 videos
Module 2 - Shopify Set Up - 2 videos
Module 3 - Store Sustainability - 1 video

Module 1 - Niche Product Selection Module
Why It's Crucial To Have A Niche & Product Selected Before You Start Building Your Store!
How To Continually Grow Your FB Audience For Years Without Burning Them Out!
The One Engagement Emotion That Drives Your FB Ads To A Huge Viral Audience!
Why Competition Is A Good Thing And How To Use It To Beat Competitors At Their Game!
Discover Which Niches Have The Absolute Biggest Pools Of Buyers And How To Select The Best Ones For Your Offers!
How To Understand Nuances Of Any Niche Market And How Important It Is To Find Top Opportunities!
Module 2 - Shopify Set up
Discover The MVP Model That Gets Your Store Functional And Money Coming In The Door!
The One 3rd Party Platform To Build Your Store On To Dominate Virtual Markets Without A Brick & Mortar Presence!
How A Relatively Cheap Store Solution Beats The Higher Cost Alternatives!
Watch Over The Shoulder On How To Build Out A Minimal Viable Product Store!
Discover The Fastest Way To Build Your Store Without A Large Investment!
Module 3 - Store Sustainability
How To Create a Good Customer Experience And Make Them Like And Trust You!
Discover How To Optimize Your Store To Convert More Sales!
Discover The Crucial Pages That Get The Most Visits And How To Setup Your Site Navigation To Capture The Most Buyers!
Discover How To Engage Your Customers To Come Back And Buy Again And Again!

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