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John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan - The Syntax of Behavior

John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan - The Syntax of Behavior

The Syntax Of Behavior Series, Set I - Presented by John Grinder and Robert Dilts

Vol.1: States And Strategies

Robert and John begin this seminar by taking advocacy postitions regarding the advantages of "state" vs. "strategy" approaches to
change. The sharpening of these initial positions yields a new relationship between state/strategy approaches resulting in a
layered format, integrating these core NLP principles.

Vol.2: Anchoring: The Oldest Mystery In NLP

Nearly all of the applications of NLP involve the technique of anchoring, yet little is understood about how it works. John and
Robert explore in depth the implications, structure and development of the phenomenon of anchoring. Answers questions such as "What
is anchored? Is it the behavior, the state, the strategy?, "Does anchoring respect logical levels?" are discussed.

Vol.3: Belief Systems: Methods For Change

What precisely are beliefs and how do they affect our attention and information processing? How can stability be sustained while
changing beliefs?

Vol.4: A Batesonian Model for Investigation

Grinder and Dilts explore the questions: what is good decision-making and action in the world according to Gregory Bateson's work?
How are the limits of human information processing to be accounted for? These themes are addressed as Dilts and Grinder lead the
participants through a process to find a cybernetically sound model for investigation.

The Syntax Of Behavior Series, Set II - Presented by John Grinder and Steven Gilligan

Vol.1: Tools For Mind Mastery: Meeting Life Challenges With Wisdom

This 9-hour program focuses on expanding perceptions, boundaries, and choices in our lives.

Vol.2: Generative Personality: Enjoying the Present & Building the Future

Conflict resolution, relationship negotiation and skill mastery and future orientation are taught in this 10-hour audio program.

P.S. These old tapes from Grinder are a great resource with new stuff picked up with repeated listening.

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