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Clean Coders Pack [1-16]
Clean Coders Pack [1-16]

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Clean Coders is all about educational videos for software professionals, by software professionals. Clean Coders code-casts are rich with content and will forever change the way you think about code, about design, about your disciplines, about your profession.
Clean Coders: 01 Clean Code-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 02 Names-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 03 Functions-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 03 Extra Screencasts-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 04 Function Structure-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 04 Extra Screencasts-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 05 Form-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 05 Extra Screencasts-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 06 Clean Code, Episode 6 (parts 1&2) Test Driven Development-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 07 Architecture Use Cases And High Level Design-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 08 Solid Foundations-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 09 Single Responsibility Principle-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 10 Open Closed Principle-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 11 Liskov Substitution Principle-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 12 The Interface Segregation Principle-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 13 The Dependency Inversion Principle-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 14 Solid Case Study-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 15 Solid Components-PRODEV
Clean Coders: 16 Component Cohesion-PRODEV

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